Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity News: Scott Disick Discusses Having to ‘Relive’ Fights on TVCupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity News: Scott Disick Discusses Having to ‘Relive’ Fights on TV

By Andrea Surujnauth

Having your whole life broadcasted on national television can turn out to be a real struggle especialy in Scott Disick and Kourtney Kardashian’s case reports Having their love quarrels filmed for the whole world to see can be trying to their relationship even months after the acutal fight took place. “That, I will say, is one of the real downsides of the whole television thing,”  Disick tells Ryan Seacrest during an interview on Ryan Seacrest With the Kardashians: An E! News Presentation. “Just when I think we’ve worked through something, and we’re finally moving  forward, a rerun will be on, and I’ll be upstairs, and she’ll call me,” he  continues. “Like, ‘Hey, so I kinda forgot to say I hated you for this one other  thing.’ And I’m like, ‘What? I have to relive this again?'” These lovebirds have been together since 2006. And how is their relationship going now? I would say we’re decently happy,” Disick tells Seacrest. And what about the wedding bells? “I think if it’s not broke, don’t fix it. You know what I mean?” he said. “I  feel like I used to want to get married more than she did. And then, being that  she was always so not interested, I’ve decided not to be.” Kardashian and Disck are parents of son Mason, 3, an daughter Penelope, 9 months.

How do you forgive and move on after a fight?

Cupid’s Advice:

After having a fight with your beau, you may still feel angry. You still love them but the words from the fight are still ringing in your ear and you can’t get over it. How can you just forgive, forget, and move on? Cupid is here to help you do just that:

1. We are humans: Realize that fact that everyone is human and we all make mistakes. If the fight was over a minor issue that can be overlooked, then let is go by telling yourself that your sweetie is enititled to one or two mistakes. As long as your partner knows that it is wrong to do it again, no need to hold a grudge.

2. Part problems: Do not keep thinking of the past. If your honey made a mistake in the past that caused a fight, remember, you chose to stay with them and forgive them so you can not keep tormenting them about what they did. Just forget about what happened in the past and look towards the future. As long as your partner doesn’t keep doing the crime, stop punishing them.

3. You love them: While in a fit of anger, remember why you love your sweetie. This will calm you down and realize that the fight does not matter to you as much as your love for them.

How do your forgive your partner after a fight? Share your thoughts below.