Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity News: Matt Damon Returns to Work After Renewing Vows with Wife LucianaCupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity News: Matt Damon Returns to Work After Renewing Vows with Wife Luciana

By Andrea Surujnauth

Matt Damon returns to work after his Cancun vow renewal getaway. Damon and wife Luciana had an intimate celebration for their 10 year mark of knowing one another. “It was a very family-oriented and happy celebration,” a source told People. They source went on to spill the beans about the lovebirds, “They were smiling and looked very happy together.” Now, only a week after his romantic vacation, Damon was seen at the Summer of Sony event with director Neill Blomkamp and costar Sharlto Copley to promote their new movie Elysium.

How do you deal with your partner’s busy work schedule?

Cupid’s Advice:

You and your partner can’t get enough of one another. So how do you handle their busy schedule? You want to be able to see them as much as possible so how do you pull that off if they are always busy? Cupid is here with some advice for you:

1. Communicate: If you can’t physcially be there with your partner, show them you are thinking of each other by sending each other flirtatious text messaged throughout your day. This way, although apart, you will know that you are on each other’ minds.

2. Free time: When the two of you finally do have free time to spend together, make the most of it. Do not spend you time sitting on the couch. Get up and do something together. Have fun with your sweetie and make each other feel special during this time.

3. Eliminate distractions: While spending time with your love, make sure you give each other all your complete attention. Put away the cell phones and refrain from answering any work related calls and emails. Enjoy being together without all of the work stuff.

How do you handle your partner’s busy schedule? Comment below and let us know.