Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Couple: Tom and Ashley Arnold Open Up About Their Tough Road to ParenthoodCupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Couple: Tom and Ashley Arnold Open Up About Their Tough Road to Parenthood

By Jessica Conigliaro

Earlier this month, Tom and Ashley Arnold welcomed their first child–but getting to that point was not an easy task for them. In an interview with People, Tom said, “I’ve worked diligently to become a father for 23 years,” he explains. “…The moment Jax was born, I realized that this was exactly the way it was meant to be. I was ready because I was healthy and had the perfect partner.”

How do you support your partner when you’re trying to get pregnant?

Cupids Advice:

You and your partner have been wanting–and trying–to have a baby for a while now, but it just isn’t happening yet. During this time, you both are feeling frustrated an overwhelmed. Cupid’s here to show you ways to support your spouse:

1. Help them relax: Your husband wants to have a baby s badly that he becomes upset every time the pregnancy test shows up negative. Go to a weekend spa together and take both of your minds off of your struggles to parenthood. A little time away from the situation might be exactly what the 2 of you need.

2. Positive energy: When you are failing to get pregnant and your partner starts losing hope, you are sure to give up as well. Show your partner that you have not given up and are willing to try until your family grows. Once you have a positive attitude, so will your spouse.

3. Make them feel special: Remind your partner how much you love them when they start feeling down about not getting pregnant. Let them know you will always be there, with or without a child. Do something romantic for your wife and show her she will always mean the world to you. This will surely lift her spirits.

How did you comfort your spouse when trying to get pregnant? Share below.