Cupid's Pulse Article: Jenny McCarthy Explains Split With Jim CarreyCupid's Pulse Article: Jenny McCarthy Explains Split With Jim Carrey

Jenny McCarthy was full of explanations about her recent split with actor Jim Carrey on ‘Oprah’ this week, according to People.  The couple, who dated for five years, separated on friendly terms and still express admiration for one another.  “The first thing is, when it’s not fun anymore, you need to start investigating and do an inquiry into the relationship,” said the former Playboy model.  McCarthy is at peace with the breakup, explaining, “I always got back on my feet, and I know especially this year who I am.”  But will the couple ever get back together?  McCarthy admitted that she “didn’t even think about” the possibility of rekindling her romance with Carrey.

Is a relationship over when you stop having fun?

Cupid’s Advice:

There is inevitably a point in every relationship where the “newness” wears off.  Things become more of a routine, and you have to work harder to keep your relationship exciting.  Cupid has some things to consider:

1. Abandon ship: If you deem the relationship completely unsalvageable, then resign yourself to a breakup.  However, if you feel that the relationship could be saved, then devote yourself 100 percent to making it work.

2. Rough periods: All relationships have tough times, where it seems the two of you just can’t connect.  However, these periods pass, so be sure not to give up on the relationship too soon.

3. Analyze the problem: You need to ask yourself, “Why aren’t we having fun?”  If the answer is a problem such as money or stress, then stay strong.  The problem will most likely pass.  If it’s a bigger issue, such as conflicting goals in life, it may be time to call it quits.