Cupid's Pulse Article: Is Miles Austin Less Famous Without Kim Kardashian?Cupid's Pulse Article: Is Miles Austin Less Famous Without Kim Kardashian?

Dallas Cowboys player Miles Austin and reality bombshell Kim Kardashian may have recently split, but neither of them are feeling much remorse.  But Austin does miss the attention that came with dating Kardashian. An insider told Us Weekly that the athlete “liked [Kardashian] to an extent, but he loved the publicity a lot more.  Sitting on the floor of the Lakers game with her was better than any commercial of him that would ever run.”  Kardashian wasn’t the only person used in the relationship, however.  She would bring her NFL beau when she needed a date for an event.  Though the relationship didn’t work, the pair are both moving forward.  States the insider, “[Austin] thought [Kardashian] was cool, but by no means is he heartbroken.”

Is your beau dating you for the right reasons?

Cupid’s Advice:

It may seem like the perfect relationship, but always be wary of ulterior motives. Cupid has a few tell-tale signs of a hidden agenda:

1. Eagerness: He wants to take you everywhere.  He wants to tell all of his friends that he’s dating you and shows no restraint in his excitement.  While this may be legitimate, it could also mean that he’s only interested in trying to impress others.  Make sure he’s still excited when you’re alone together, too.

2. Reluctance: The opposite of eagerness, his reluctance to talk about you with his friends could mean that he’s shy, or it could also mean that he’s ashamed.  He may feel that you are only a temporary solution, and not worth his time or excitement.

3. You’re out of his league: If you have turned down most of his friends, then chances are part of him views you as a challenge.  While you may be genuinely happy, he may only be thinking about how successful he is in dating a girl like you.