Cupid's Pulse Article: Katherine Heigl & Josh Duhamel Compare Past Dating DisastersCupid's Pulse Article: Katherine Heigl & Josh Duhamel Compare Past Dating Disasters

First dates are always hit or miss.  At a promotional press conference for their upcoming romantic comedy, Life As We Know It, Katherine Heigl and Josh Duhamel, both married, reminisced about past dating disasters, according to People. Whereas dating in general scared Duhamel, Heigl, married three years to singer Josh Kelley, spoke of an awkward date with a personal trainer.  “He took me to Sizzler and gave me his head shot and asked me if I could get him in my agency,” recalled the actress.  Although this was ultimately the deal breaker, she also went on to notice his shaved legs. We can only wonder if she stuck around long enough for dessert!

How can you tactfully escape a bad date?

Cupid’s Advice:

Not all love connections will a relationship make.  While it can be frustrating to see a potential date go down the drain, it is also important to keep a positive attitude and wait until the night is over to dish your friends the outrageous details:

1. Play it cool: Yes, he may be extremely rude to the waitress, and yes, it was crazy he didn’t open the door for you, but keep this in mind: it’s a one-time deal.  There’s no rule that says the relationship has to continue.  Try to sit through the dinner.   Just make sure he’s not planning on leaving you with the bill!

2. Something bad happened: If you have a feeling things may take a turn for the worse on your date, let a friend in on how you feel.  Although it can be crass to take personal calls on your date, if its going poorly, make an exception.  Or, text your friend from the bathroom, and let her know it’s time to pull the plug.  The classic Sex and the City-inspired “something bad happened” will always get you out of a tight jam.

3. Do not pass go: If your date involves two parts, like dinner and a movie for example, leave at intermission.  This will be exceptionally easy if you each drove separately.  Tell him something has come up and you won’t be able to make the movie after all.  Then, speed back home to your sweats and a glass of wine.  Hold all calls until the next day.