Cupid's Pulse Article: Dating Advice: When Do Opposites Not Attract?Cupid's Pulse Article: Dating Advice: When Do Opposites Not Attract?

By Courtney Allen

‘Opposites attract’… a saying you’ve heard from your supporting best friend as you desperately try to put the puzzle pieces together in order to explain why you find interest in the 5’9” college freshman, instead of the tall, stacked senior track star that runs alongside you. Well, don’t waste your time trying to figure it out; it happens to the best of us! The truth is: dating someone who is opposite from you is quite the learning experience if you have the right combination of differences. Sometimes opposites are not so hot, and can backfire at first sight or first discussion. If you meet someone whose opposite from you in the following three ways, your red flag will most likely go up:

1. Religion: Religion can be a killer when it comes to attraction. It’s the one thing that many people are not willing to compromise on. If you and a potential love interest are on two completely different pages when it comes to religious beliefs, the attraction between you will suffer.

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2. Physical attractiveness: Physical attraction is the first and usually most important rules of attraction. It’s very rare that you spot a picture-perfect model with someone who is short and seems to be out of shape. We are typically attracted to those we consider just as attractive as ourselves.

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3. Needs: Having different needs can ruin attraction right off the bat. People that are independent and needy, in search of a relationship and in search of a good time, the desire for kids  and the desire to not have kids… all of these needs most likely need to be aligned.

What qualities that are opposite from your own do you find unattractive? Share your ideas with us!