Cupid's Pulse Article: Classic Novel Turned Movie, ‘The Great Gatsby’Cupid's Pulse Article: Classic Novel Turned Movie, ‘The Great Gatsby’

By Meghan Fitzgerald

Nick Carraway (Toby Maguire) is a stockbroker in the 1920’s, on the outskirts of New York. He moves to West Egg, Long Island after fighting in World War I. Nick meets back up with his cousin Daisy Buchanan (Carey Mulligan) and husband, Tom (Joel Edgerton) who live in East Egg. Next door to Nick is Jay Gatsby’s (Leonardio DiCaprio) mansion. A man known for throwing extravagant parties yet living a very mysterious and relatively unknown life. As Nick begins to friend Gatsby, he realizes a love Gatsby has for his cousin, Daisy. A love broken by World War I. Nick finds himself between the two, not knowing which way to turn. Madness, tragedy, and love emerge from the mysterious shadow of Gatsby and the colorful and dangerous 1920’s New York life style.

Should you see it: Leonardo DiCaprio. Titanic, Shutter Island, The Departed, J. Edgar, Django Unchained. This legendary man has seen his Hollywood days, and by the amount of awards on his shelves…he rocks it, and the audience loves him. The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald is a timely piece of work. If you read the book and enjoyed it, even if it was only the slightest bit…go out and see this movie. It is Leonardo DiCaprio ladies and gentlemen.

Who to take: Here here, literature enthusiasts and Leonardo DiCaprio fans. This is your movie to see if you like either of those. You absolutely must see this soon-to-be award winning film if you love literature and Leo.

Couples everywhere, gather your money and prepare for date night. With The Great Gatsby being one of America’s most well-known and classic novels, people of all ages should see, embrace, and enjoy this film.

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When should you try and win back the love of your life?

Cupid’s Advice:

Some people in your life just slip away from you. As much as you tried to hold on to them, and plead for them never to leave…some just do. Or maybe you left and are now realizing how much of a fool you are for it. No matter the case, trying to win back your ex is difficult. Cupid has some advice on if you should do it or not:

1. Soul mates: You know you should try and win back your past beau if you believe they are your soul mate. Soul mates are not something you should take lightly, if you think someone could be your other half…hold them close. It is said that you have one person who equals you, a person you can morph into and become one. Fight as much as you can to get that person back if you’ve lost them.

2. Waiting: Have you ever been in a position where you’ve had to wait for a person before? They weren’t available, or they were moving, a situation causing you to wait for them. Were you in love with someone so intensely, yet they loved another person? If you’ve answered yes to these, and your scenarios of waiting are over…go and get them. Go out there, do whatever you have to do to have them in your life again.

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3. Wrong partner: Did your ex get together with the wrong person? Are they now realizing what a mistake they made by choosing them over you? This is your time to shine, to show them how right you are for them. How you two should of been together in the first place, how they will be happier with you instead of their current partner. Show them that they chose the wrong partner and live happily ever after.

Have you ever won back the love of your life? Explain below.