Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Couple: AshLee Frazier and Brad Womack Are Dating!Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Couple: AshLee Frazier and Brad Womack Are Dating!

By Meghan Fitzgerald confirms that former Bachelor contestants AshLee Frazier and Brad Womack are now dating. Womack split from fiancee Emily Maynard a few weeks after proposing in March of 2011.  “Now, Womack, 39, and Frazier, 32, are together after initially meeting at an event in Texas,” reports NYDailyNewsFrazier left the past season of The Bachelor with barely a word to Lowe, and Womack stated that he “dodged a bullet” with his past relationship. Hopefully, this one is better for the couple!

What are some ways to keep past relationships from affecting your current one?

Cupid’s Advice:

Keeping your past relationships from your current one is a skill you should acquire if you don’t have it already. Many problems can arise if you let your past baggage interfere with your current relationship. Of course this is challenging to do, but it is necessary. Cupid has some more advice on this:

1. Comparisons: You do not, and I repeat, do not want to compare your ex to your current mate. You will get inside your head and think of all the things your ex was better than your current partner at. You should not compare your ex to anyone, especially your partner now. This is a main way to keep your past relationship from affecting your current relationship.

2. Live in the now: It is not healthy nor acceptable to look back on your past and attempt to live in it. It is over ladies and gentleman, and now time to move on and get going with your life. Live in the now, live with your current partner and ignore any temptations to think about the past relationships. The more you live in the now, the less you are to think about all your past relationships.

3. Leave baggage: Leave your baggage from the past to the side of the road as you continue on with your current relationship. Yes, it happened. However, it does not matter anymore because you are with someone new. Someone you should spend all your time on. Not spending your time on thinking “what ifs” and how things could of been different. The past is the past, and so is your baggage. Move on.

Have you kept past relationships apart for your current one? Explain below.