Cupid's Pulse Article: Sources Say Chris Brown and Rihanna Are Still Together, But FightingCupid's Pulse Article: Sources Say Chris Brown and Rihanna Are Still Together, But Fighting

By Meghan Fitzgerald

Even though on-and-off again couple, Chris Brown and Rihanna are together, things are not going as well as they wished. A source tells that in the past couple weeks, their relationship consists of constant fighting. However, it is not as  out of the ordinary for them, the source said, stating, Every second it’s a blow-up and then full on in love.” Huffington Post reports that on her Diamond tour she asked her fans, “How many of you are in love? How many of you hate love? How many of you don’t understand it? I’m in that group.”

What are some ways to know that the fighting has gotten out of hand in your relationship?

Cupid’s Advice:

If you say you and your mate don’t fight, you’re lying to yourself and everyone around you. Every couple fights. Whether it is beneficial or dangerous is the thing that matters most. Healthy fighting strengthens your relationship with your beau. However, fighting can get out of hand, and should be dealt with accordingly. Cupid has some more advice:

1. Lack of love: Have you fought so much with your partner that you no longer express any love towards him? This is a huge sign that fighting has gotten out of hand in your relationship. If you do not feel love towards the person you want to spend your life with, you need to re adjust how much you fight. Or simply get out of the relationship if it is not able to fix.

2. Sleepless nights: Do you lack sleep at night because you are so furious at your mate you can’t sleep? You should know you fight too much when you can not sleep because of yet another heated fight. Sleepless nights are acceptable if you and your partner are discussing the fight, your feelings, and lives. However, if you two are sleeping on opposite sides of the bed, backs to one another and not speaking, realize how much fighting is affecting your relationship.

3. Physical abuse: Fighting has got completely out of control when your mate begins to physically abuse you. It is not your fault, you did not do anything wrong, and you need to realize how unhealthy this is. To you, to the relationship, to everyone around you. Of course it is going to be challenging to leave the relationship because of commitment or love. But you need to. Pack up all your belongings and find someone who treats you right.

Have you ever experienced fighting getting out of hand in your relationship? Share your experience below.