Cupid's Pulse Article: Lamar Odom Plans Anniversary Surprise for Khloe KardashianCupid's Pulse Article: Lamar Odom Plans Anniversary Surprise for Khloe Kardashian

Lamar Odom has something special planned for wife Khloe Kardashian on their one-year-anniversary; he’s just not sharing.  “I kind of got to keep it a secret,” explained Odom to Us Weekly.  Kardashian was also tight-lipped.  “I don’t know.  I found out that there’s a surprise happening, but I have no idea – and I don’t want to know.”  The couple, who married after a quick one-month courtship, have faced scrutiny about the depth of their marriage.  “I’ve never faulted people for [that],” says Kardashian.  “I totally get it.  I’ve always said from day one that it’s real love, and it is, but I’ve never, ever was angry with anyone for thinking anything that way.  I was only upset when people said we had a fake wedding.”  Despite criticism, the couple are standing strong and hope to have a child in the near future.

What are some creative ways to celebrate your anniversary?

Sure, there are the obvious routes: romantic dinner, picnic at the park or a night in an expensive hotel.  Try branching out because your thoughtfulness will be appreciated.  Here are just a few suggestions:

Cupid’s Advice:

1. Hot air balloon ride: While finding a hot air balloon service may be difficult depending on where you live, the spectacular views and exhilarating experience will be extremely worthwhile.

2. Play hooky: Skip work for a day, and drive to the nearest city.  Have fun looking around in shops and eating at interesting restaurants.

3. Go to a florist/garden: Instead of sending your partner flowers, take them to a florist or a garden and pick out your own flowers.  Then, go searching for a vase to put them in.