Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity News: Ashley Tisdale Discusses Why She Likes ‘Mysterious Bad Boys’Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity News: Ashley Tisdale Discusses Why She Likes ‘Mysterious Bad Boys’

By Meghan Fitzgerald

Ashley Tisdale does not like her men like character Sharpay in High School Musical did. She discussed with People how she likes her men to be a little rough around the edges. USAToday  talked about Tisdale’s recent topless Maxim cover, and her interest in guys. “There’s definitely a thing where I like the dark, mysterious bad boy.” However, she’s not opposed to “surfer, blond frat guys.” The 27-year old Scary Movie V actress sure has changed since her younger days in relationships.

What are some of the reasons women are attracted to bad boys?

Cupid’s Advice:

For some odd and relatively unknown reason, women have been attracted to bad boys. Even if they see the inevitable heart break in the near future, women still tend to go for said bad boys. Bad boys do have a certain allure to them. Leading numerous women to fall for their mysterious lives. Cupid has some advice on bad boys:

1. Curiosity: Some women have a strong sense of curiosity in their lives. It is not uncommon to be curious about new things you haven’t experienced. With this being said, having an interest in a bad boy will definitely reduce your curiosity. Although it may not go as great as you expected, you still will have had the exposure to the ‘bad boy world.’

2. Adventure: Bad boys have this certain vibe about them. Like they are absolutely filled head to toe with adventure. A type of guy who will throw you on the back of their Harley Davidson 2010 motorcycle and speed away to a dive bar with outside bathrooms and a gun range inside. Of course this is exaggerated, however bad bays hold this allusion that they are more fun. Who knows, they could be.

3. Saving:  Some women think they have the tendency to ‘save’ men. Yes, there are the cases where this is a possibility. However, they are rare and hard to come by. You do not usually see intelligent and mature women successfully saving immature rebel men. This would be a great thing to see in relationships. Yet, it does not always happen. Women have failed to see that this usually does not work.

Have you ever been attracted to a bad boy before? Share your experience below.