Cupid's Pulse Article: American Romance Film, ‘To The Wonder’Cupid's Pulse Article: American Romance Film, ‘To The Wonder’

By Meghan Fitzgerald

In this new movie, ‘To The Wonder,’ Ben Affleck plays Neil, an American traveler who winds up falling in love with Marina (Olga Kurylenko). Marina is a Ukrainian divorcee raising her ten year old daughter Tatiana in Paris. The newlyweds take their romance to Mont St. Michel, with Neil making a firm commitment to his love, Marina. Marina and her daughter Tatiana move to Oklahoma for Neil’s sake, and settle down as a family.

Should you see it: This is not some measly star actor here … it’s Ben Affleck ladies and gentleman. He’s got scruffy facial hair, superb eye for producing, and is an all-in-all phenomenal actor. Plus, he’s the director and actor of Argo, and The Town. If you are completely infatuated with Ben Affleck, or simply enjoy his impressive acting skill…see this movie.

Who to take: For this movie, take someone who thoroughly enjoys cinema. Someone who appreciates great acting, a strong romance story, and is willing to shed a few tears in the theaters. This is a great movie for a date night out. With warm weather rolling its’ way in, take your partner to dinner somewhere outside. Than treat them to this tear-jerking, heart ache of a romance film.

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The relationships cools off as Marina and Tatiana go back to Paris because of visa expiration. Neil rekindles a past relationship, Jane. An old flame who he inevitably falls in love with again. Drama ensues with Marina and Neil is left to decide what to do. Who to love. Where to go. What is life supposed to be.

When should you get back together with an old flame?

Cupid’s Advice:

There will usually come a time after a breakup when you’ll want to get back together with your ex. You have to handle this situation carefully because you may get back into the relationship for the wrong reasons. Make sure your head it clear when you reconsider the two of you. Cupid has some more advice:

1. Soul mate: Many believe that there is a person out there in this enormous universe which is yours. Your other half, the person who keeps you sane, keeps you happy, and keeps you in love. If you know that your ex is your soul mate, make sure of it. Don’t hop back into the relationship because you’re lonely or jealous. If you know you two should be together, do something about it.

2. Responsibility: There are certain responsibilities attached to relationships. Especially if children are put into the equation. If your ex is suffering, both physically and financially. There comes a time where it may be your responsibility to rekindle the relationship for your partner’s sake. Only you know what these situations are, and only you can determine if it is worth the risk.

3. Change: Did you and your mate end things because they weren’t what you thought they were? Have they now changed and you are considering getting back together? This is common throughout breakups everywhere. It is possible for a person to change. You may not want to believe it, however it is true. If your ex really has changed, rekindling is a superb idea.