Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity News: Kelly Ripa Opens Up About Marriage to Mark ConsuelosCupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity News: Kelly Ripa Opens Up About Marriage to Mark Consuelos

By Meghan Fitzgerald

Kelly Ripa, 42, has experienced many years of marriage … 14 to be exact. Even then, there are still things which bug her about her partner, Mark Consuelos. People reports that she is “[O]penly hostile when Mark leaves the toilet seat up.” Ripa continues to discuss how husband, Consuelos, will never put the toilet seat down. That said, she doesn’t let it get in her way. She worships her other half, love radiating from her body when she’s around him.

What are some ways in which fighting can help a relationship?

Cupid’s Advice:

Yes, fighting is tiresome and physically draining. Of course couples fight, you don’t have a healthy relationship if you never have a disagreement. Ultimately, fighting mends problems. You can discuss dilemmas going on, and you blow off some stem. Cupid has some ways in which fighting can be a good thing:

1. Emotions: In relationships, emotions are sometimes held back. Whether it be for their own sake, or their partner. Most people in relationships do this. With fighting, all of your emotions are unleashed. Although some of these emotions may be stronger than you wanted, they still get out there. Making your partner more aware of what you’re thinking and feeling all in one strong gust.

2. Strength: Fighting gives you strength. Fighting in a relationship gives you and your mate strength. It allows you to work out your problems and move forwards as a couple. It makes you aware of your strengths and weaknesses. Your mate’s strengths and weaknesses. You begin to morph into one when you successfully get out of a fight with a smile. Keep powering through!

3. Excitement: This last one may seem a bit strange. However, what’s more exciting than a tense, sexually frustrating fight with your love. Sometimes relationships dig themselves a grave. Burying themselves further into boredom as each day passes on. Fighting as a couple gives you something to get thrilled over. Maybe not thrilled over why you’re upset, or mad. But thrilled that your partner is willing to fight for you. The same with yourself.

Has fighting ever helped your relationship? Explain your experience!