Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Couple: Jana Kramer and Fiance Brantley Gilbert Vie for Same ACM AwardCupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Couple: Jana Kramer and Fiance Brantley Gilbert Vie for Same ACM Award

By Meghan Fitzgerald

Jana Kramer, and fiance Brantley Gilbert recently competed yesterday at the Academy of Country Music Awards for the “best new artist” trophy. The couple got engaged the 28th of March at the historic Ryman Auditorium in Nashville, Tennessee. The twosome are now settled in Nashville, with Kramer focusing on her music for the tour with Blake Shelton this summer. Kramer plays around with People‘s reporters saying, “We’re up against each other and we’ve got our gloves on!” Although neither half of the couple won “new artist of the year,” they did each win an award. Kramer won “new female vocalist of the year” and Gilbert won “new male vocalist of the year.”

How does friendly competition keep your relationship fresh?

Cupid’s Advice:

Depending on you and your mate’s competitive levels, you may not want to engage in friendly competition. The results for the mass are grand. However for the few, they can vary. Throwing friendly competition into the valuable of a relationship keeps it fresh, keeps it alive. It allows you to bond with your partner, knowing them better than simply factual information. Cupid has some more advice on friendly competitions:

1. Awe factor: Having a competition with your beau allows either of you to gain some awe towards one another. It can be your partner to you. You can discover how competitive your mate is, but in the slightest of ways. For you of course, so he doesn’t hurt you. If they win ‘said’ competition, you become aware of how hard they worked to get to that position. Aware of how they work in general, and as always, how much they love you.

2. Knowledge of partner: Knowing more of your partner is never a bad thing. Unless they secretly store extinct, decrepit Tasmanian Tigers in all of their closets. Since hopefully this is not the case for you, having a friendly competition allows you to know your mate more. How they think on command, what they do in pressured situations. How they react in certain scenarios. You pick up on their little mechanisms, eventually putting them altogether to analyze the whole machine.

3. Something to do: As much as you and your beau are in love, relationships can get dull. It’s a fact. It’s not you, or your partner, or the both of you together. It’s simply that you two may and most likely will get bored. Adding a friendly competition into your relationship keeps it fresh and going. It gives you something to do on a Friday night when neither of you want to go out. Yet you don’t want to sit on the couch all night watching re-runs of Dr. Phil.

Has friendly competition ever kept your relationship fresh? Explain below!