Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity News: Celebrities In Trouble with the IRSCupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity News: Celebrities In Trouble with the IRS

By Whitney Baker Johnson

Everybody dreads tax season — and celebrities are no different. Sure, it’s a huge pain to gather all of your receipts and organize your files, but it’s even worse if you owe money to Uncle Sam. Of course, you can always ignore that looming deadline and file late, although some people take this extension for granted. Many folks — famous or not — try to avoid payment for years, resulting in millions of dollars owed. Let’s take a look at a few celebrities who have gotten in trouble with the government.

1. Nicolas Cage: It’s no secret that Cage makes a lot of moola. It’s estimated that the movie star brought in over 40 million dollars in 2009 alone. Still, he managed to blow every penny — and then some. By 2010, he owed the IRS around 14 million dollars. At the time, he owned 15 houses, four yachts and a Gulfstream jet. Ultimately, the bank repossessed his home in Bel Air, and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) auctioned off a few more. He’s now living a modest life in Las Vegas and still paying off his debt. Lesson learned!

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2. Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne: In 2011, it was reported that this Tinseltown twosome owed more than 1.7 million dollars in back taxes. Fortunately, the couple acted immediately and paid off their debt only a few days later. Sharon even released a statement saying that she hoped “none of this reflected negatively” on their moral character. Good for them!

3. Wesley Snipes: Poor guy ended up in jail for his tax debt! He received a three-year sentence for tax evasion and owed over two million dollars to the IRS. Unlucky for him, he spent his 50th birthday in a minimum security Pennsylvania prison last August.

4. Lindsay Lohan: This girl just can’t stay out of the tabloids. In December 2012, it was reported that Lohan’s bank accounts were frozen until she paid off her debt of over 230 thousand dollars. Allegedly, she owes taxes from as far back as 2009. Given that she’s already facing court cases on both coasts, let’s hope she gets this situation taken care of before she ends up in any more trouble.

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5. Pamela Anderson: This beach babe knows what it’s like to be on bad terms with the IRS too. With a tax bill of over 450 thousand dollars, she joined the cast of Dancing with the Stars during its tenth season, hoping to make some extra money. Unlike other celebrities, she was open about her problems, working hard to pay off her debt.

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