Cupid's Pulse Article: Q&A: Should I Be Worried If My Man Hasn’t Asked Me to Be in a Facebook Relationship?Cupid's Pulse Article: Q&A: Should I Be Worried If My Man Hasn’t Asked Me to Be in a Facebook Relationship?

Question from Kendall M.: I’ve been seeing this guy for a few months, and things have been really good. I’ve stayed over a couple times and even met his parents, but he hasn’t sent me a relationship request on Facebook. I’m too nervous to do it myself. Should I be worried that he hasn’t posted our relationship on Facebook yet? 

Answer from Our Love Experts:

Tristan Coopersmith, Love Stylist: My concern here isn’t that he hasn’t posted it, because honestly, guys just don’t think like that. Guys aren’t trained or even really motivated to broadcast their relationships status. The concern is that you’re skittish about speaking up for your needs. Obviously, this is something that is important to you, and just like anything else that’s important to you, you need to feel comfortable communicating it.

I think your worry and nervousness surrounding the situation speaks volumes about your relationship with him… and with yourself. So I suggest you ask yourself where the root of the fear comes from and work with that. When we look inside at our fears, great growth can arise. Here’s to growing!

Suzanne Oshima, Matchmaker: It’s only been a couple of months, and your relationship isn’t defined by your relationship status on Facebook. Is it really that big of a deal? You can ruin a good thing when you think too much about the relationship, where things are going and why he hasn’t changed his Facebook status.

If everything is going great and you enjoy spending time and doing things together, then just be in the moment and appreciate where you are at in the relationship right now! Try not to worry about something so trivial as Facebook relationship status. It will all come in due time.

Paige Wyatt, Reality Star: Before you do anything or even get worried, you need to talk to him. If this guy is as great as he sounds, then you should be open with him and just ask! Don’t make it serious or dramatic; just causally ask how he sees the relationship. It’s very possible making the relationship “Facebook official” hasn’t even crossed his mind. A lot of guys aren’t as into Facebook or really any type of social media, so he may not know how meaningful it is to you.

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