Cupid's Pulse Article: Chris Lambton and Ty Brown in Talks to be Next ‘Bachelor’Cupid's Pulse Article: Chris Lambton and Ty Brown in Talks to be Next ‘Bachelor’

Two of last season’s bachelors, who appeared on The Bachelorette, may have a second chance at love.  According to People, sources say Chris Lambton and Ty Brown are among those who have been “in serious talks” with ABC about the next season of The Bachelor.  Neither Lambton nor Brown have confirmed as of yet.  Meanwhile, ABC and Warner Horizon, who produce The Bachelor, decline to comment on casting speculation.Can you find true love on reality TV?

Cupid’s Advice:

Reality TV has taken over the airwaves, and many in search of love have turned to the tube to see if they can find their soul mates.  Cupid is here with some advice to help determine if searching for love on TV will result in a prime-time relationship or leave you with nothing but dead air:

1. Let’s get real: Learn to spot the difference between real love and camera love.  Are the contestants actually falling for each other, or are they simply influenced by the desire to become famous and grab as much air time as possible?

2. Don’t get blinded by the spotlight: If you are determined to find true love on a reality show, make sure you define your priorities.  The goal is to find a soul mate, not to let the paparazzi and tabloids dictate your feelings.

3. Avoid playing the desperate role: You have to wonder if people who go on national TV to find love are serious or simply desperate.  According to Starpulse, it’s called “not having anything else to do.”  Being stuck in a house with dozens of other women competing to earn one man’s attention will most definitely make you think you are falling in love, so make sure to separate your sense of competition from actual emotion.