Cupid's Pulse Article: Will Ryan Seacrest Pop the Question to Julianne Hough?Cupid's Pulse Article: Will Ryan Seacrest Pop the Question to Julianne Hough?

After recently going public with their Hollywood romance, it seems to be getting serious between American Idol host Ryan Seacrest and Julianne Hough of Dancing With the Stars.  In fact, many are starting to wonder if Seacrest plans to pop the question anytime soon.  According to PopEater, this all-American couple was seen happily having dinner with Seacrest’s parents at the Atlanta Country Club.  All-in-all, the two seem quite smitten with each other!What are some signs that your beau is ready to propose?

Cupid’s Advice:

Though there are no sure signs that an engagement is in your future, there are a few things you can look for in anticipation:

1. Meet the parents: Few couples ever get past the basic dating phase without parental approval.  To marry someone is to become a part of their family and being included in family activities can be a sure sign that he is going to take the next step.

2. “The look”: You may start noticing a longing or calculating look in his eye prior to a proposal.  It may be because he knows he can’t live without you and is looking for the perfect moment to make it official!

3. Spontaneity: If your man does something out of character, like plan a fancy dinner or weekend getaway out of the blue, you may need to start looking for something blue.  Though many proposals happen in an everyday setting, sometimes something a little out of the ordinary or special is in order – not that a proposal itself isn’t memorable enough!