Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity News: Katie Holmes Says She’s ‘Open’ to Having More KidsCupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity News: Katie Holmes Says She’s ‘Open’ to Having More Kids

By Meghan Fitzgerald

The beautiful, single actress, Katie Holmes, 34, has her life entirely wide open. After separating from her ex, Tom Cruise, she has made her way to the cover of Allure. Although the two remain civil, reports Huffington Post, Holmes hopes this upcoming year will be a peaceful one. The April issue of Allure discusses Holmes’s future. reports that Katie Holmes is open to having more children! She’s even considering becoming a lawyer! You go Katie.

How do you decide how many kids to have?

Cupid’s Advice:

Kids are great, they’re funny, they love you, you love them, you created them, they’re your world. However, there is a certain amount of children one couple should have. The Duggars decided that they want a trillion kids, and it works for them. The big deal here, is what works for you and your partner. Cupid has some more advice on this:

1. Personal: Deciding to have children is a joint effort, between you and your mate. If it wasn’t, you could have as many kids as you damn please. However, this is not the case, and you have another person you have to communicate with. When deciding whether or not to have more kids,or kids in general, think about your relationship with your partner. Can they handle one kid, three kids, six kids? Can you deal with your partner as a parent? Can you  be a parent with six kids? Three kids? One kid?

2. Financial: Kids are expensive! And not just a few paychecks here and there, try almost something from each paycheck. The more children, obviously more of your paycheck goes. Can you and your beau handle two children with your current financial situation? Make sure you are able to balance your children’s lives, and your bank accounts. As much as you may want to have more kids, you need to keep reality in check.

3. Medical: I know many people who were told they could not have any more children, that it was a serious danger to themselves and the doctor didn’t advise it whatsoever. Yes, having a lot of children is great for your and your kids. However, you can not put yourself in jeopardy medically. Your kids need a mother, and that is that. Do not go for another child if your life is on the line.

Did you decide to have more kids? Explain below.