Cupid's Pulse Article: Audrina Patridge Says A Guy Must Have “Loyalty, Integrity and Respect” To Get Her AttentionCupid's Pulse Article: Audrina Patridge Says A Guy Must Have “Loyalty, Integrity and Respect” To Get Her Attention

By Whitney Baker Johnson

Spring Break is going strong in Panama City Beach, Florida, and celebrating there again this year is former MTV reality star, Audrina Patridge. Model, actress and BFF to Lauren Conrad, Patridge is someone we all grew to know and love on The Hills. Leaving the Los Angeles sunshine behind, the starlet visited the panhandle yesterday to make a special guest appearance for Curve fragrances at Maxim Spring Break.

Spending the day on the beach, she mingled with party-goers in the Maxim cabana before hosting and judging a Booty Shake Dance Contest. “Just get up there and dance! Let loose and have a good time,” she offers to those who’ll be participating in the contest. “Last year, a guy won, so it’s not just for girls,” she adds. “Just because it’s a booty shaking contest doesn’t mean you have to have a booty.”

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But it’s not all about booty shaking and spring break. After leaving The Hills, Patridge focused on a career in acting with movies like Sorority Row, Into The Blue 2: The Reef and Honey 2. Next, she’ll appear in Scary Movie 5, in theaters on April 12th. “I had a little cameo. It’s such a fun movie, and I loved being on set.”

As if she wasn’t busy enough, Patridge also serves as a Curve fragrances celebrity brand ambassador along with Gossip Girl actor Kevin Zegers. Whether she’s getting ready for a night of dancing with the girls or dressing up for a first date, curve appeal for women is a fragrance that she consistently loves to wear. “It smells so good, and I always get so many compliments. It catches your attention and leaves a lasting impression,” she shares. “Plus, it’s very girly.”

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Another perk of Curve fragrances is the tiny bottle. “It’s very cute! It’s even small enough to carry in your purse,” she says. This choice sounds perfect for any woman who likes to primp while she’s out and about.

Patridge also loves curve appeal for men, a fragrance described as incredibly sexy and effortlessly cool. “I think everyone should smell fabulous everyday, and curve appeal is definitely one of my favorite scents.”

As much as she enjoys the aroma of curve appeal, her number one beauty tip has more to do with what’s on the inside than the outside. “If you feel confident and beautiful, it’s really going to show,” she says. “It all really comes from within.” Equally important as having confidence is being comfortable. For Patridge, wearing something that makes her feel uncomfortable can easily ruin her day.

So what does it take to get this California girl’s attention? Patridge, who is rumored to be dating on-again, off-again boyfriend Corey Bohan, says the three most important qualities in a guy are “loyalty, integrity and respect.” As for how to tell if a crush has these traits, she believes it’s “about how he acts around his family, how he treats his mom. That’s going to give you an idea of how he’ll be with you.”

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Just as she knows what she wants in a man, Patridge knows what she doesn’t want in a relationship.  “Dishonesty,” she says without missing a beat. “My biggest pet peeve, though, would be not communicating well,” she adds. “It’s all about communication. If you’re not on the same page, it’s probably not going to work.”

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