Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Divorce: Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes Are ‘Incredibly Happy’ Post-DivorceCupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Divorce: Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes Are ‘Incredibly Happy’ Post-Divorce

By Andrea Surujnauth

Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise seem to be having a very happy post-divorce period. The ex-couple’s infamous divorce was finalized last year and since then, everything seems to be running smoothly. Adam Shankman told that the ex-couple is doing very well living separate lives. “Katie seems really happy. You just fight through all the noise.  And it’s noisy!” he said. The couple’s daughter, Suri, is still getting to spend time with both mom and dad. Shankman said of Cruise, “I’ve just been emailing with him. He’s coming back. He’s shooting [All You  Need Is Kill] in London and seems as happy as a clam. I know he sees his daughter.” Another source also told E! News, ‘She spent five days with him. He has been working quite  long hours on the set, but he was able to have some time off to be with her.  They had a really lovely time.”

What are some ways in which divorce can be a good thing?

Cupid’s Advice:

Divorce can be a very difficult thing to go through, especially when you have kids. But what is the bright side of divorce? How can divorce be a good thing? Here are some ways:

1. No more tension: Before divorce, there is always tension in the house from fighting and being unhappy. Once you decide on having a divorce, the tension is gone! Getting rid of tension is good for you, your partner, and your kids. When there is stress and tension in the house, kids can pick up on that and it can make them depressed.

2. No more fighting: Fighting in a relationship is one of the biggest causes of stress. You go to work upset and stressed out which causes you to not be able to concentrate. When you are fighting with your partner everyday, it is difficult to find peace in any part of your day.

3. Chance at happiness: You were very unhappy in your relationship, that is what caused the divorce. Now you have the chance to find happiness and live the life you have been wanting to live. Divorce does not have to always be a sad time. Look at it as a new chance at life.

In what ways do you think divorce can be good? Comment below and let us know!