Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Mom Jillian Michaels Admits It’s Hard to Balance Workouts and MotherhoodCupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Mom Jillian Michaels Admits It’s Hard to Balance Workouts and Motherhood

By Meghan Fitzgerald

Jillian Michaels and girlfriend, Heidi Rhoades, are busy balancing their two kids, daughter Lukensia, 3, and son Phoenix,10 months. Jillian Michaels spoke with People and said, “I get up at 7 a.m. – after being up all night with the baby – and run around trying to get both kids diaper-changed, dressed and fed. Finally I’ll shower, and before I know it, I’ve got 50 emails to answer, and I need to leave for work.” She told Fitness Magazine that women need to workout whenever they can … and realize that every decision counts.

What are some ways to balance being a parent and staying healthy?

Cupid’s Advice:

Being a parent requires the majority of your efforts, sanity, and time. Staying healthy is challenging to balance with all the duties of being a parent. Teetering weight watchers meetings and diet plans as you organize your child’s lunch and school plan is hard! It is not in any sense easy to do. Cupid has some advice on how to balance this:

1. Schedule: Scheduling is fun ladies and gentleman! It may be stressful planning out, organizing your events and divvying up your time however, the inevitable return is great. Scheduling your weeks, or months out will give you a stressful life in the end. If you schedule out your time, you will be able to schedule gym time, meals for the upcoming weeks. It is easier to stay healthy if you schedule out your life.

2. Communication: Staying healthy requires to give yourself some time. Obviously this time was once devoted to your child or children so you need to communicate with your partner about your temporary absence. Your mate will have to fill in your spot as you attend dieting meetings or spending time at the gym. If you are working out at home, this will not be a problem. However, as most people go to the gym, you will need to talk to your beau.

3. Discipline: Discipline ladies and gentlemen is more than important to stay healthy when you’re a parent. If you have plans to go to the gym with your girlfriends, yet don’t want to go, make yourself go! You need to make sure you stick to your decision because you may not get that time again. Your children requires a lot of time from you and you can’t waste your time already planned.

How do you balance being a parent and staying healthy? Explain below.