Cupid's Pulse Article: Desiree Hartsock Is the New ‘Bachelorette’!Cupid's Pulse Article: Desiree Hartsock Is the New ‘Bachelorette’!

By Meghan Fitzgerald

Starting out as one of the 26 girls in The Bachelor, Desiree Hartsock was fan-favorited as the new BachelorettePeople reports on the After the Final Rose specialHartsock stated, “Just can’t even believe I’m here. With the support of everyone, it’s just such a blessing.” Entertainment Weekly reports that Hartsock shocked many when she sported a no bangs look, especially the Women Tell All. Hartsock will continue to shock many with drama, love, and passion on this summer’s ninth edition of The Bachelorette

What are some out of the box ways to find love?

Cupid’s Advice:

Finding love is a relatively hard thing to do. Love does not usually spring itself at you, some effort is required to find the love of your life. The ways to find have love seem to be around the same thing; going to bars, blind dates, online dating, and what not. Are you tired of the same pattern over and over again to try and find love? You deserve a different, out of the box way to find love. Cupid has some advice on this:

1. Yoga class:  Yoga class is great for many things in life. Obviously it is a form of exercise, resulting in happiness. Which inevitably leads to a boost of confidence, and gives you more courage to talk to people of the opposite sex. It also balances your inner self with the natures of the world and others around you. Meeting new people at yoga will give you a look into people who are practicing the same life as you, relatively. Which will make finding love easier!

2. Volunteering: Would you ever suspect to meet the love of your life while volunteering? Most likely not. However, volunteering is full of generous, kind-hearted people looking to help the world. Looking for someone to love. Spark up a conversation with an opposite sex at the food pantry, or clothe drive, or helping out with the local blood drive. You never know what will come of the new interaction. So go out and do some good ladies and gentleman!

3. Friends: Scratch a blind date, hang out with your friends and converse with someone you don’t know. If they’re hanging out with your friends, you both must have something in common. If you two hit things off, it could loom into a full blown relationship. Also, if a date occurs from your meeting, it won’t be strange because you two will already know each other. Go ahead and be social!

Have you ever found love in an out of the box way? Explain below!