Cupid's Pulse Article: New Comedic Romance Film, ‘Admission’ Starring Tina FeyCupid's Pulse Article: New Comedic Romance Film, ‘Admission’ Starring Tina Fey

By Meghan Fitzgerald

Tina Fey, 3o Rock star, and Paul Rudd, recent star of This is 40, are joining together on the screen for the first time together. Director, Paul Weitz, nominated for an Academy Award shows what occurs on the route to happiness. Tina Fey’s character in the new romance comedy, Admission, is a cookie-cutter, straight edged Princeton admission officer, Portia Nathan. A promotion is open for Portia, and she takes off on a recruiting trip for the upcoming year. On the road, she reconnects with her mother, expressing love for one another again. Portia heads off to New Quest school.

Should you see it: This is Tina Fey ladies and gentleman! SNL superstar, comedian of a myriad of skits, author of Bossy Pants, star of  Baby Mama. And Paul Rudd! Starring in big shot movies such as Knocked Up, I Love You Man, and Role Models. Comedian extraordinaires! If you like to laugh yourself off the chair, see this movie! If you enjoy a twist of comedy and romance, see this movie! If you like either of these all star comedians, see this movie!!

Who to take: Take people who enjoy comedy, people who like to laugh for five minutes on end, or cry at the sincerity of Fey’s character, Portia. Take your more mature children to the PG-13 movie, or your mother for shared laughs. Take your husband after a long week, or take yourself! All the people above the age of thirteen are encouraged to see this comedic romance film!

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At New Quest, she meets up with former college classmate, the optimistic John Pressman (Paul Rudd). He informs Portia that Jeremiah (Nat Wolff) the extremely gifted yet slightly unconventional student may be the child Portia secretly gave up for adoption. Twists spiral out, Jeremiah is applying to Princeton University. Portia re-evaluates the admission requirements, Jeremiah’s application and the binding rules of the Ivy League school. Portia finds herself bending the rules for her possible child’s admission to Princeton, and for the love she finds turning up in her life.

When should you take a professional risk for love?

Cupid’s Advice:

It is always challenging to know whether or not you should take a professional risk for love. The possibility of losing your job is a frightening thought. However, don’t you want a little danger in your life? A little risk? Don’t you want to discover if this person could be the love of your life? Even if it may risk your life, do you want to risk your chance of losing love? Cupid has some more advice:

1. Soul mates: You know that feeling when you just simply know you and your partner mesh together? It is hard to describe when you’re in it, you don’t believe you could get along with one person so much. This feeling is when it would be acceptable to take a professional risk for love. Even if it is still scary for you, and you may not want to jump out of your comfort zone, you absolutely should! When these feeling are present,  it is ridiculous to ignore them.

2. Danger: Are you looking for a little danger in your life? Is the person you are currently seeing going to cause a risk in your profession if you continue the relationship? If you want to spice a few things up in your life, than take the risk. Who knows what it will lead you to! Everyone needs a little suspense, mystery, and secrecy once in a while. Continue on the relationship with your mate will ensure all three of these.

3. Feelings are mutual: You do not, and I repeat, do not want to put a risk on your job for love if the feelings are not mutual! This is where most people fall down hill and spiral out of control. Do not be naive, ask your partner how they honestly feel and what they foresee out of the relationship. If your mate thinks you should take the risk because they care for you more than life itself, take that risk!

Have you ever taken a professional risk for love? Share your experience below!