Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity News: Liam Hemsworth Hangs in Australia While Miley Cyrus Parties Without Engagement RingCupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity News: Liam Hemsworth Hangs in Australia While Miley Cyrus Parties Without Engagement Ring

By Jessica Conigliaro

Miley Cyrus was spotted without her engagement ring on Wednesday, March 6. She was heading to her recording studio in an all-black outfit without her bauble, which caused murmurs of a troubled engagement, reports. Two nights in a row, Hunger Games star Liam Hemsworth was spotted several thousand miles away in Australia. The soon-to-be married couple have been portrayed in the media as going through a rough patch.

What are some ways to keep rumors and gossip from affecting your relationship?

Cupid’s Advice: 

When it comes to dating, all of your friends seem to be overly curious about your relationship. This curiosity often leads to false truths and rumors about you and your partner. Cupid offers some advice on how to save the relationship from the lies:

1. Talk it through: A nasty rumor is going around that you and your boyfriend might break up; confront him about it first. Address the rumor and find out why it started. It may have started because you two were arguing in front of your friends. If your disputes are causing people to think there’s a problem in your relationship, make sure there aren’t any. Talking out your problems will create a solution for both of you, and will put an end to the rumors of a breakup.

2. Verify the lies: Sometimes, you hear rumors about your partner and wonder if they’re true or not. Before worrying if your boyfriend actually cheated on you, tell him about the rumor. This way, you are not getting your facts from unreliable sources. If the rumor is not true, he will probably laugh at how ridiculous it all sounds. If you choose not to bring it to his attention, you will always be wondering if it is the truth–which may drive you a little crazy.

3. Remember the good: In any relationship, there are good qualities and bad ones as well. People tend to only see the bad ones, and let them stick out in their minds. If you tell your friends your partner snores in his sleep and has gross toenails, that’s all they will talk about, making the situation sound a lot worse. Little nuisances such as these are no reason to end the relationship. Keep in mind all of the reasons you fell in love with your man–you already accepted his flaws, don’t let your friend’s opinions get to you now.

How did you and your partner ignore hurtful rumors? Share in the comments below.