Cupid's Pulse Article: Relationship Advice: Add a Little “Luck O’ the Irish” to Your Wedding DayCupid's Pulse Article: Relationship Advice: Add a Little “Luck O’ the Irish” to Your Wedding Day

By Meghan Fitzgerald and Molly Jacob

Irish wedding traditions are very strong.  When an Irish bride begins to plan her wedding, it can be fun to center it around that culture and tradition, which essentially means planning to tie in good luck and shun as much bad luck as possible. There are many superstitions within the Irish outlook on marriage. Did you know that some believe the saying “tying the knot” comes from an Irish wedding custom? Adding an Irish tradition to your wedding is great relationship advice, and it can make your important day even more special!

Check out these Irish wedding traditions and learn how you can add a bit of luck o’ the Irish to your day of relationships and love:

1. If the sun is shining on your face the morning of your wedding day, good luck is present amongst you and your mate!

2. In no circumstances should you get married on a Saturday; it is the worst of luck in Irish traditions.

3. Marry during a growing moon and a flowing tide for eternal luck.

4. It is very lucky to hear a cuckoo on your wedding day and it is especially lucky if you see three magpies. Your luck will triple for three of them!

5. The lucky horseshoe! Brides used to carry horseshoes down the aisle for good luck. Carrying a heavy piece of iron might sound unappealing, which is why brides now buy porcelain and fabric ones for their special day.

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6. As obscure as it may sound, it is bad luck for a caterer to break a glass or cup on the wedding day. Don’t have your day of relationships and love ruined by a clumsy waiter!

7. For the bride to be followed by good luck, it is essential for a guest to throw an old shoe over her head as she exists the church.

8. It is very lucky to be married on the last day of the year. The beginning of the year symbolizes the beginning of their life of relationships and love together.

9. In Ireland, it is luckiest for a couple to be married on St. Patrick’s Day!

10. Chiming of bells is said to keep away any evil spirits attempting to ruin the couple’s love and future.

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11. Irish brides wear blue on their wedding day, not white. In ancient times, blue symbolized purity. It was actually during Victorian times that white became the go-to color for brides.

12. It is said that if the bride’s mother-in-law smashes a piece of cake on her head as she enters the house after the ceremony, they will be friends for eternity. Staying on the good side of your mother-in-law is always good relationship advice!

13. Have the bride and groom toss a handful of coins to their guests, it is said to bring them prosperity and good luck forever.

14. It is good luck for a happily married woman to put on the bride’s veil, not the bride herself.

15. After the wedding ceremony, it is important for a man to wish the bride joy, not a woman.

Did you have any luck on your wedding day? Share below!