Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity News: Kristin Cavallari Is Planning Summer Wedding to Jay CutlerCupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity News: Kristin Cavallari Is Planning Summer Wedding to Jay Cutler

By Andrea Surujnauth

Kristin Cavallari and fiance Jay Cutler are planning their wedding for the second time together. According to People, the two were previously engaged, but split up in July 2011. The lovebirds got engaged for the second time in November 2011. The couple are registered at Williams-Sonoma and their list contains about 70-items all adding up to over $4,000. The pair has not announced their wedding date, but thier registry has July 13th as their big day. The couple has a son, Camden Jack, who was born in August 2012.

How can you decide what is the best time of year for your wedding?

Cupid’s Advice:

When choosing a date for your wedding, it may be difficult to find a day that will be perfect for both you and your guests. You want nice weather for your wedding and you want everyone to show up. How can you choose the perfect date? Cupid has some ideas that you should consider:

1. Important events: When choosing when to have your wedding, you should consider which days need to be off the table. You do not want your wedding on Superbowl weekend or the weekend before Christmas otherwise many of your guest will not show up. Consider what holidays and sporting events might be important to your guests because you want as many people as possible to come celebrate your big day with you!

2. Superstitious days: If you are superstitious, you may want to shy away from having your wedding on the 13th of any month. Think about the future, do you really want your anniversary to land on friday the 13th?

3. Seasons: Consider if you want a winter wonderland themed wedding, winter would be perfect for you. Do you want a hot summer weather? Flowers and breezy spring weather? Or the colorful scenery of the fall? Think of what weather would go with your wedding the best.

How did you choose a date for your wedding? Comment below and let us know.