Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Baby News: Kate Middleton Embraces Her Pregnant BodyCupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Baby News: Kate Middleton Embraces Her Pregnant Body

By Meghan Fitzgerald

The past few weeks, Duchess of Cambridge, 31, has been flaunting her growing and glorious baby bump. The royal mom-to-be has sported her belly under sports coats, and dresses, according to A family friend reported that Middleton is content with her changes.  reports that her posture has changed, instead of her hands on her hips, she rests her hand under her belly. The royal couple are embracing the constant changes as they come by.

What are some ways to make your pregnant partner feel beautiful?

Cupid’s Advice:

Being pregnant leaves you with a lot of extra weight on your feet and on your shoulders. Your self-esteem and confidence drops, your hormones increase, and you feel your world changing. This is a emotional whirlwind for a pregnant person. Your pregnant partner may not feel as beautiful as they used to. Cupid has some advice on how to change this:

1. Express love: Love makes you feel, well, loved. It makes your insides twirl and giggle. It simply makes you feel beauty, If your pregnant mate is not feeling beautiful, tell them how much you love them. Express it through different ways. Do some chores, make them a card, kiss their forehead and whisper in their ears, get them their favorite craving at the moment, love them! Your beau will feel beautiful if you show them how much love you have for them.

2. Do chores: Chores are a pain, no matter what the task, they simply are not welcoming nor wanted. The last thing your pregnant partner wants to do is chores, they’re tired, hormonal, cramped, sore. They should be able to focus on preparing for the child they are about to push out, and the family they will soon have. This bring said, do your pregnant mate’s chores! It again shows them how much you love them, which in return, shows them that they’re beautiful.

3. Massage: Honestly though, who doesn’t enjoy a massage? Your worries fade out, you relax done, plus they’re enjoyable. This feeling multiplies when you’re pregnant, the feeling of all your problems fading away. So give your pregnant love a nice, hearty massage. Take time from your phone, your job, social media and what not. Focus thirty minutes of your time to the love of your life. Your mate will appreciate this immensely, plus it will make them feel beautiful again!

Have you ever made a pregnant woman happy, or your partner make you happy when you were pregnant? Explain below.