Cupid's Pulse Article: The Bachelor’s Sean Lowe Blogs About Women Tell AllCupid's Pulse Article: The Bachelor’s Sean Lowe Blogs About Women Tell All

By Andrea Surujnauth

The Bachelor’s Sean Lowe blogged about his experience  with the Women Tell All special on People. The women who were sent home in The Bachelor came back to discuss what happened in the show with Lowe. “Walking out and taking a seat in front of the women was such a surreal experience. Having 20-plus ‘exes’ in the same room is a bit daunting, but I was happy to see them nonetheless,” blogged Lowe. He goes on to discuss the love he felt for Desiree, although their relationship did not work out and he mentions the sadness he felt when he sent Sarah home. Lowe then begins to blog about his reunion with AshLee. When Ashlee came over to sit on the couch, she told Lowe that she always viewed him as a southern gentleman, and she was very disappointed that he didn’t come check on her after he sent her home. “This totally caught me off guard,” blogged Lowe. “I wanted to be as nice as possible, but I also wanted to tell her that once you don’t receive a rose, you know you only get a brief moment to talk it over before going home. She wasted that moment by not saying a word. That’s why Chris Harrison says, “Take a moment and say your goodbyes.” I don’t want to sound unsympathetic, but that’s how the show works.” Lowe continues to express his confusion as to why Ashlee felt this way about him. “I don’t know what I may have said that would have given AshLee the impression she got, but I am sorry if I said anything at all that misled her because that was truly not my intention.”

How can you stick up for yourself when someone says something untrue about you?

Cupid’s Advice:

When someone says something untrue about you, your first reaction is to stick up for yourself. But how can you stick up for yourself without seeming defensive? You want to tell them that they are wrong but you do not want to create a scene otherwise it will look what the other person is saying is probably true since you are making such a big deal about it. Cupid is here to help you figure out the right way to stick up for yourself:

1. No personal digs: Do not get personal or attack the person that is saying untrue things about you. Defending yourself does not have to mean putting down anyone else or stooping down to anyone’s level. If you attack someone, you will be no better than them.

2. Speak calmly: Yelling or screaming will not help you make your point. As a matter of fact, it will make you look guilty. Speak as calmly as possible while still getting your point across. Tell them they are wrong and say why they are wrong. Calmly tell them that it is hurtful when they say untrue things about you.

3. Be understanding: Once you tell the person that they are wrong and why, do not expect them to apologize or believe you. Do not force anyone to change their attitude. If you spend your time trying to do so, you will just be putting stress on yourself. It is not worth it. Everyone has their own opinion and not everyone will like you. Just accept it and move on.

How do you stick up for yourself when someone says something untrue about you? Comment below.