Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity News: Paris Hilton Poses with Injured Boyfriend at Lake TahoeCupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity News: Paris Hilton Poses with Injured Boyfriend at Lake Tahoe

By Andrea Surujnauth

According to, Paris Hilton and boyfriend, River Viiperi, were vacationing at Lake Tahoe for Hilton’s 32nd birthday on February 18th when Viiperi got into a skiing accident. A source told that “a ski went into River’s leg when he fell.” While the accident was taking place, Hilton found it to be a great photo op. She kept the public updated through Twitter on what was happening with Viiperi and his knee. She tweeted, “Just got out of the hospital with River Viiperi. He was doing a high jump while skiing and  the ski sliced in to his leg! 19 stitches! Oww!” She shared a photo of the Spanish model laying in a stretcher as he was being taken to the hospital. Once the whole ordeal was over, Viiperi took to Twitter to thank his lovely lady. “Back in La La Land safe and sound thanks to my gorgeous blondie always taking such good care of me,” he tweeted. “Thank you for being there for me my Love,  your the best girlfriend in the world! I’m so lucky to have you!”

What are some ways to show your injured partner that you care?

Cupid’s Advice:

Your partner got injured, and you want to show him or her that you care and that you’re there for them. How can you do that? Cupid has some ideas for you!

1. Pamper your partner: Take care of your sweetheart. Try cooking dinner for the two of you. Have dinner in bed while your partner is trying to heal. Be there for your beau to help with whatever they are unable to do for themselves. Get them a “feel better” gift or card. Do something special for them.

2. Be their nurse: Make sure your partner is comfortable and taking whatever medication were prescribed. If they have bandages, change them for your sweetie whenever needed. Make sure they are being healthy throughout their healing process.

3. Keep them company: Having an injury, especially one that leaves you immobile for a while, can make life difficult and boring. Stay by your honey’s side and make them smile. Help them forget about their injury by making them laugh and feel happy.

How do you show your injured partner that you care? Share with us in the comments below.