Cupid's Pulse Article: Expert Relationship Advice: 5 Ways to Have a ‘Date’ From Miles AwayCupid's Pulse Article: Expert Relationship Advice: 5 Ways to Have a ‘Date’ From Miles Away

By Jennifer Harrington

Being apart from your love is never easy, whether the distance is short or long term, but in today’s fast-paced and mobile world, separation is a common reality. When the miles separate you from your sweetheart, here are some easy ways to keep your date night on the calendar:

1. Dinner and a movie: Just because you’re not physically together doesn’t mean you can’t engage in this courtship ritual! Decide with your partner what you want for dinner (make it something accessible everywhere, like pizza or Chinese food). Once you both have your dinner ready, hop on the telephone, chat and enjoy dinner together, before starting your movie. Need some ideas for a movie? Check out this list of the 30 most romantic movies of all-time.

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2. Cheer on your favorite sports team: Maybe you and your sweetie share a passion for the New York Yankees or the Green Bay Packers. Commit to both watching the game and texting each other your ongoing commentary. It can be fun to hear another person’s perspective on the same game you are watching! Plan to follow your text session during the game with a phone call to celebrate your team’s victory together.

3. Scavenger hunt: Every place is full of unique and interesting spots. With a little advance planning (and sometimes a bit of research), you can plan scavenger hunts for each other. Plan to do the scavenger hunt at the same time, and enjoy all of the special places in your location that your love hand-picked out for you. Snap pictures of yourself with your phone and send so your partner can see all of your adventures!

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4. Play the question game: As well as you may think you know each other, there is always more to learn about your special someone!  Pick up a copy of the book The Book of Questions by Gregory Stock for 265 questions you can ask each other. The questions range from silly to serious so you’re sure to uncover stories and opinions on a variety of topics. You can easily swap questions and answers over email or the phone!

5. Plan for the future… virtually:  Use a webcam or Skype to talk to your significant other about the future. Commit a hour to an important discussion, such as planning for your upcoming vacation together (here is a list of the most romantic spots on Earth) or how you want to celebrate your anniversary. Being apart can sometimes prompt deep, meaningful conversations and these conversations can give you cause to be excited about your future plans together.

So, the next time you are faced with your love being across the state or on the other side of the world, know that the distance is not a deal-breaker in your relationship. Take the opportunity to get creative and find new ways to get emotionally closer.

Tell Cupid: what are some ways you keep your relationship alive and well when you are apart?