Cupid's Pulse Article: Relationship Advice: How to Succeed In The Quest To Find Mr. or Mrs. RightCupid's Pulse Article: Relationship Advice: How to Succeed In The Quest To Find Mr. or Mrs. Right

By Michelle Rebecca

Although things like a successful career, possessions and status are a few ways for a person to gauge success, it’s important not to overlook the power of strong relationships. The support of family can help someone feel empowered during hard times, but the joy of finding a loyal significant other often makes a person feel truly complete. Knowing when you’ve found the right person is sometimes as hard as the search itself. Read on for a few tips.

Communication Is Key

It’s crucial to talk things over with your partner, whether things are going smoothly or you’ve hit a rough patch. Earlier this year, a Huffington Post article mentioned that text messages are the most popular form of communication in the United Kingdom. Regardless of how you and your partner stay in touch, make sure to do it regularly. If someone you’re with seems hesitant to speak up when something’s wrong or prefers to avoid tough conversations altogether, that’s a red flag.

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A Relationship Built Upon Equality

Although you and your partner might not always agree on everything, strive for a sense of equality. When you treat each other with fairness, it’s easier to work through disagreements and reach common ground. If your partner frequently likes to discourage you or dominate conversations, put a stop to it. Relationships thrive when each party has the opportunity to speak their views and feel valued.

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Do You Trust Each Other?

If your relationship doesn’t include trust, that’s a huge weakness. Sometimes people have trouble trusting their partner, but only because of something that’s happened in the past. If you’ve gone through a previous traumatic event, it’s important to bring that up earlier rather than later.

When you start to feel suspicious about something, resist the urge to search through your partner’s phone records or inbox, and speak to them directly instead. By hunting for evidence, you’ll place a strain on your relationship.

Know When It’s Time To Move On

No matter how long you’ve been with someone, it’s essential to recognize when it’s time to end the relationship. Things can get more complicated if you have children with your spouse. If you need to know how to get divorced or just get clarity about whether to remain with a person, experts can help. Aim for an outside perspective, if possible.

Often people focus on all the good qualities of their partner and become blind to any faults. No one is perfect, but if the person you’re with is degrading, prone to ridiculing you, or simply not willing to invest in the relationship, those are clear signs that it might be time to end things.

Being in love with someone who loves you back is thrilling. Use the characteristics mentioned above to help you determine whether a current relationship is worthwhile and to know what to look for in a potential mate.

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