Cupid's Pulse Article: Chris Brown Attends Elton John’s Oscar Party Without Rihanna and Flirts with WomenCupid's Pulse Article: Chris Brown Attends Elton John’s Oscar Party Without Rihanna and Flirts with Women

By Meghan Fitzgerald

According to, Chris Brown attended Elton John’s AIDS Foundation 21st annual Academy Awards Viewing party at The City of West Hollywood Park. Brown attended this event without his on-again girlfriend, Rihanna. At the party, Brown was swarmed with anxious fans trying to get a autograph, and he fulfilled all of his fans’ needs … even to a tall blonde women, which he later told her she was gorgeous, reported PerezHilton. This comes just one one week after him and Rihanna got back from a romantic getaway in Hawaii.

What are some ways to distinguish innocent flirting from inappropriate advances?

Cupid’s Advice:

Flirting can cause a relationship to fail in a heartbeat. To some people, they consider it cheating if you flirt with someone other than your mate. To most, innocent flirting is acceptable. The challenging part which comes in to play here is whether or not it is more than just innocent flirting. Cupid has some advice on this:

1. Body language: Body language is able to show a multitude of things. Just by the way you are sitting, staring, standing, it can all determine what your feelings and intentions are for another person. If your mate has their hands on another person, shoulder touches, hand squeezes, waist grabs; that is in no way innocent flirting. Exceptions are made if they are best friends, however, that still needs to be watched. If your mate puts their hands on anyone else besides you, keep an eye out

2. Connection: Depending on the connection that you and your beau have, you should be able to determine whether or not they are innocently flirting or they may have other ideas. If you know your partner more than you know life itself, this should not be a hard problem. Your partner could be a constant innocent flirter, which is okay. However, if you know they don’t usually flirt and they suddenly started, they may be making inappropriate advances.

3. Evidence: If you have become suspicious of your partner because of inappropriate advances on someone else, you may begin to snoop. It may leave you utterly crazy in the end, but if you find out the truth that is relatively okay. If you know that your partner has been with someone else, it is obviously noticeable if they’re flirting together. If you have strict evidence, you will know if your mate is making advances on someone else.

Have you ever encountered inappropriate flirting? Share your experiences below.