Cupid's Pulse Article: Backstreet Boy Singer Nick Carter Proposes to Girlfriend Lauren KittCupid's Pulse Article: Backstreet Boy Singer Nick Carter Proposes to Girlfriend Lauren Kitt

By Jessica Conigliaro

Backstreet Boy singer Nick Carter planned the perfect proposal to girlfriend Lauren Kitt last week. Carter brought her to a secluded island in the Florida Keys, People reports. The ocean behind them–and their dog sharing the moment–set the scene for his romantic gesture. Kitt graciously said yes and jumped to hug her new fiancé.

What are some ways to surprise your spouse-to-be with an engagement?

Cupid’s Advice:

You have been dating your partner for over 2 years and want to pop the question. You have discussed getting married dozens of times, but want the proposal to come as a surprise. Cupid gives some advice on how to make the moment romantic:

1. Create a scene: Proposing in public can be risky; what if she says no in front of everyone? The fact that you took a risk like that will make her feel loved and special. Propose in front of all her friends. This will make her realize how excited everyone is for her–which will make her giddy as well.

 2. Make it spontaneous: You don’t necessarily have to plan the exact day and time to propose. Carry the ring around with you; the moment may come when you least expect it. You might find yourself going to a carnival. Proposing on the top of a Ferris wheel is the epitome of romantic. Her feet will literally be swept off the ground.

3. Someplace memorable: Think of a location that holds a special meaning for both of you. Pop the question at her favorite restaurant or the place you first met her. She will notice how much time and effort you put into planning the proposal–and will realize it’s her turn to start planning the wedding.

How did you propose to your partner? Let us know below.