Cupid's Pulse Article: French-Canadian Science Romance, ‘Upside Down’Cupid's Pulse Article: French-Canadian Science Romance, ‘Upside Down’

By Meghan Fitzgerald

Juan Diego Solanas directed and wrote the French Canadian romantic science fiction film, Upside Down. Staring Jim Sturgess and Kirsten Dunst, this futuristic love story is one for the books! Adam (Jim Sturgess) is searching through an alternative universe for the love of his childhood, Eden (Kirsten Dunst). The movie begins with Adam telling the story of his universe, the story of two planets next to each other; pulled in opposite directions by gravity. The ‘Up’ is the rich and prosperous while the ‘Down’ is the poor. The people down are strictly forbidden to go up. The only way they are able to communicate is through a company called ‘TransWorld.’ Adam finds a mountain which gets close to ‘Up.’ He meets Eden, and years later form a relationship as teenagers. Adam is able to pull Eden down by rope however, they get caught, Adam gets shot and drops Eden. He believes her to be dead but ten years later sees her on TV. He than begins his quest to find Eden, the love of his life.

Should you see it: This is a different twist on your typical romantic love story. Juan Diego Solanas forms a love story around different universes, you can’t say that isn’t incredible! With the stunning Kirsten Dunst, and grungy yet adorable Jim Sturgess, how could you pass on seeing this movie? For all Science Fiction lovers, you should see this movie immediately when it comes out!

Who to take: Coming out on March 15th, warm weather will be in the air! Love will be in the air! This is a perfect movie for you and your significant other. With suspense, romance, and a phenomenal cast, you two will enjoy it! Go grab lunch with your mom and than check this movie out! Or go by yourself on a rainy afternoon, either way see this movie!

Although it is challenging for Adam to make it in the ‘Up’ world, he finds help through friends at, TransWorld. It is evident in the trailer that he will fight gravity as long as he can to be with Eden. It shows the strong difference between the ‘Up’ and the ‘Down.’ The trailer shows how futuristic and different this movie is. Adam (Jim Sturgess) ends the trailer stating that “Gravity, they say you can’t fight it, well I disagree.”

When do you risk yourself for love?

Cupid’s Advice:

Putting yourself in a position of risking yourself for love is challenging. You will inevitably come into a situation where you want to reach out of your comfort zone for your partner. The problem here is when you should do this. Cupid has some advice:

1. Passion: Our passions in life need to be followed! Some people have not followed their own passion because it frightens them. Get out of your comfort zone ladies and gentlemen. If you love your passion, if you think about it every single moment of your life, take a step. Even if you may get hurt or there is a possible danger in the future, pursue it! It is simple, if you love something, take that risk. Go for gold.

2. Love: Loving another person is absolutely terrifying. As much as people say it is easy as one, two three; it isn’t always. With the beginning of a relationship, or even in any situation, you will have to take a jump. Yes it is scary, and you may not want to do it..but you must! If you could see your relationship strengthening with love, or blooming into love-risk it! Don’t be worried of getting hurt, or losing the person you’ve been with, a risk is always healthy for people.

3. Danger: A little danger here in there is not only exhilarating, but necessary! Every once in a blue moon, put yourself in something you wouldn’t normally. Go out on that blind date your mom set up. Move in with the guy you’ve been seeing. Have a one night stand with the mysterious, dark man staring at you in the bar. Love is everywhere and you need to risk yourself a little to find it.

Have you risked yourself for love? Share your experiences below.