Cupid's Pulse Article: Jessica Biel Praises Husband Justin Timberlake’s Performance at the Brit AwardsCupid's Pulse Article: Jessica Biel Praises Husband Justin Timberlake’s Performance at the Brit Awards

By Meghan Fitzgerald

Love was in the air at Justin Timberlake’s performance at The Brit Awards left many people anxiously waiting his new album release. E! Online reported that wife, Jessica Biel was able to go to the Brit Awards and watch hubby perform his new song, “Mirrors.” Biel was so proud off her husband’s performance, and his recent work, that she rushed right to Twitter. Saying “My huz just killed it on the Brits, and the London fans are the tits!” stated that Biel was “super excited for the show” and even danced around the VIP section to “SexyBack.”

What are some ways to support your partner in his or her passion?

Cupid’s Advice:

No matter how obscure your partners’ passion is, it is your duty to support it. Being apart of a relationship is to love your mate entirely. If your beau loves to collect baseball cards, ask him about it. It will not only form a bond between the two of you. However, your partner will love you even more for wanting to  know more about you. Putting a little more effort into one of your mate’s passions will have unlimited rewards. Cupid has some more advice:

1. Praise: Did you beau just book a new venue for their British Pop band? Is their passion ripping away on the guitar at a way-too-old age? With any of the passions your mate might have, find an aspect of it you enjoy, the crowd of a concert. If your beau loves to jump off planes, love the plane ride, not the jump. In every passion, there is something you could love. Take this love and give it to your partner. Praise them on how well they have been doing, how proud you are of them. Even if you don’t love their passion entirely, you love some of it.

2. Listen: With passion, most people enjoy telling others why they love it, how it makes their day, how it drives them crazy, how it makes them “them.” Listen to your mate about his passion. Listen to how much they love their passion. Realize how much they express love. Love them for opening up to you. Be passionate with them. It does not have to be their passion too, but be passionate together.

3. Be apart of it: Attempt to be apart of their passion, if your beau wants you too. With most relationships, your partner will be completely ecstatic that you want to delve into their passion. Give them some guidance, or simply be there with them. Your mate will love having you just there with them. They will think you two are embracing their passion as one. Go with it.

Have you supported your partner’s passion? Share your experiences below.