Cupid's Pulse Article: Mario Lopez and Wife Courtney Are Expecting Baby #2Cupid's Pulse Article: Mario Lopez and Wife Courtney Are Expecting Baby #2

By Andrea Surujnauth

Mario and Courtney Lopez are expecting their second baby in late summer. The two announced the pregnancy on February 19th on the set of Extra. According to People, Mario Lopez brought his wife and daughter onscreen to make the announcement. His daughter, 2, was the one the break the news by wearing a shirt that read “Big Sister Gia”. Lopez has always wanted a big family. During his wedding he joked “We’re working on that. Right after the wedding. We’ll wait for the guests to leave and then we’re getting right on that!”

How do you prepare for a second child versus your first?

Cupid’s Advice:

Learning to care for your first child was not easy. Now you are expecting baby #2. How do you prepare for taking care of two children instead of only one? Cupid is here with some advice for you:

1. Prepare your first child: Get your first child excited about becoming a big brother or a big sister. Talk about playing and changing the new baby together. Make sure your first child feels involved and not left out. Show that you need your first-born to help you make them feel like an importanrt part of the new baby’s life. Make sure you show them love and appreciation for being the first born and now the older sibling.

2. Take classes: It is best to brush up on the labor and delivery procedures for the new bundle of joy. You may think that you remember everything but re-taking classes can be extremely beneficial the second time around.

3. Organize: Organization is key to making everything run smoothly. Having two kids can become hectic if you are not prepared. Make sure you and your partner schedule time for each child and time to rest.

How do you prepare for your second child versus your first? Comment below and let us know!