Cupid's Pulse Article: Prince Harry Flirts with a Pussycat Doll at a Club in LondonCupid's Pulse Article: Prince Harry Flirts with a Pussycat Doll at a Club in London

By Jessica Conigliaro

Prince Harry returned home from his four-month tour of duty in Afghanistan–and celebrated the occasion. The 28-year-old was spotted dancing at Bodos Schloss, a new ski chalet-style restaurant, bar and dance club. “Harry was having a great time drinking with his friends,” reports. “He had a good ol’ flirt with some cute girls, including Ashley Roberts from Pussycat Dolls…”

What are three important tips for flirting?

Cupid’s Advice:

The simple act of flirting can make or break a potential relationship. Too much flirting will leave them running for the door. At the same time, not enough will make them unaware of your feelings. Cupid offers some helpful tips for flirting:

1. Less is more: Before you get to the point of swapping numbers, there has to be a mutual attraction between both of you. Don’t over flirt; you will end up seeming desperate and clingy. Walk over to them and start a conversation, but make it short! If they’re interested, they will make their way back to you before the night is over.

2. Play hard to get: When meeting someone new at a party, try getting their number instead of giving yours out. Wait a few days to text or call him–this will make him more eager to hear from you. On your first date, lean in like you’re about to kiss him and pull away at the last second to say goodnight. This will leave him craving a second date with you.

3. Notice what he’s wearing: If he’s wearing a sports jersey of a team you are familiar with, point it out to him. This will start up an interesting conversation about your common interest in the team–guys love that. This can also be applied for band t-shirts or any type of shirt that expresses what they like.

How have you mastered the art of flirting? Let us know below.