Cupid's Pulse Article: Angela Kinsey Says Her Love Life Is ‘Like Dating in the Renaissance’Cupid's Pulse Article: Angela Kinsey Says Her Love Life Is ‘Like Dating in the Renaissance’

By Meghan Fitzgerald

41-year old Office Star, Angela Kinsey spent her Valentine’s Day with her 4-year old daughter, Isabel.  Kinsey told People, “My daughter and I are going to make our own Valentines! We’ve got stickers, markers. I love going to Target and hitting the arts and crafts aisle.” Kinsey talked to The Celebrity Cafe about co-parenting, and she insists that both she and her ex really have respect for one another. Kinsey is grateful for her relationship with ex-husband, Warren Lieberstein.

What are some ways to take things slow after your divorce?

Cupid’s Advice:

After a divorce, your emotions are all over the place. Jumping into another relationship may seem like a great idea or something which will never happen. There are many ways to take things slow after your divorce. Cupid has some advice:

1. Dating: You will most likely have two opinions on dating after a divorce. You either want to delve into a relationship again and attempt to find love. Or you want to crawl up in your bed, and never leave. With dating after a divorce, you need to make sure that you take things slow. You need to completely know what you want in your dating life before you jump right in to it.

2. Know what you want: With your emotions everywhere, knowing what you want in life is challenging. You absolutely should not die your hair a “cool” color and get your nose pierced. Look through the haze of the divorce and realize exactly what you want. This will be hard to do however, you need to make sure you know what you want before you act on it.

3. Take time for yourself: After a divorce, you need to spend time with yourself. You need to realize that the one person who will always love you, is yourself. Spending time with yourself can clarify problems in your life which need to be solved. You can rethink your divorce and your past relationship as much as you’d like with yourself. Take bubble baths, drink wine, write down your feelings, exercise, and eat healthy. Do things for you.

Did you take things slow after your divorce? Explain below!