Cupid's Pulse Article: We’re Breaking Up: Virgin Mobile Presents National Break Up DayCupid's Pulse Article: We’re Breaking Up: Virgin Mobile Presents National Break Up Day

By Nicole Cavanagh

Tomorrow is Valentines Day, which is supposed to be the day of love, right? Well, it may surprise you to hear that a recent survey conducted by Virgin Mobile found that 59 percent of people said that, if they were planning to break up with a boyfriend or girlfriend around Valentine’s Day, they would do it before the big day in order to save money.

While you may be a hopeless romantic ready to celebrate a day full of bliss, others have decided now is the best time to move on from a bad relationship. 42 percent of people surveyed said they have stayed in dead-end relationships because they were scared to make a change and try something new. If you want to break up with someone but feel like you can’t because of Valentine’s Day, you don’t have to feel bad any longer! Why not cut the loose ends and put some extra money and happiness back in your pocket? Why put off for tomorrow what could be done today?

For that reason, Virgin Mobile has proclaimed February 13th to be “National Breakup Day.” Finally, people across the country have an incentive to break free from a troubled relationship before they spend Valentine’s Day with an unworthy partner. Just in case you don’t know how to break the news, relationship experts from OkCupid are taking over the @VirginMLive Twitter handle. Use the hashtag #CupidConfessions to ask questions and learn how to make your online dating profile more desirable, so you can mend your broken heart and find someone new.

Even if you are newly single this Valentine’s Day, remember that you aren’t alone. Check out these statistics below:

1. Half (50 percent) of Americans ages 18-24 have experienced a breakup via texting, email, or social media, with 26 percent of that age group experiencing a breakup through text message specifically.

2. 10 percent of people have experienced a breakup on or around Valentine’s Day (same week), with that number being 17 percent for 18-24 year olds.

3. When asked about when they change their Facebook relationship status after a breakup, 84 percent said within two days, including 41 percent doing so immediately so others know they are back on the market.

4. 43 percent said the silver lining in a breakup is a chance to find a better, more rewarding relationship, while 26 percent cited freedom to do what they want.

Let’s face it – we’re pretty much in a relationship with our phone carrier too. A carrier can either put a smile on our faces with their excellent service and low rates or bring us to tears when we drop that important call or a huge bill comes at the end of the month. So why not celebrate National Breakup Day with your phone carrier as well? Virgin Mobile will pay up to 100 dollars of termination fees for any customer that switches to Virgin Mobile, making it even easier to leave their unhappy relationship with their current phone carrier and save an average of 1,000 dollars (compared to two-year contracts with other carriers). Also, for today only, Virgin Mobile USA will give online customers 100 dollars off the purchase of a new Samsung Galaxy SII 4G on a Beyond Talk no-contract plan.