Cupid's Pulse Article: 5 Ways to Find a Last Minute Date for Valentine’s DayCupid's Pulse Article: 5 Ways to Find a Last Minute Date for Valentine’s Day

By Susan Trombetti

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching ladies, so instead of spending another year sitting at home and sulking if you’re single, it’s time to take action. Just because it’s two weeks away, doesn’t mean you can’t have a date. Follow these simple and fun steps to land that date night on the most romantic night of the year.

1. Get on Facebook. Check out friends of friends. When you spot the right guy or girl for you, be sure to email your friend to ask if it is okay to email or friend request after getting the scoop on him or her. You want to make sure this person is single and truly available. After all, you are looking for more than a Valentine’s Day date. You need to find your true love, and if he/she is hung up on someone else or is a player, this just won’t work.

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2. Online Dating. Don’t overlook this because this is where the single people are (okay, they are supposed to all be single). They are looking for a valentine’s date, too.  I like EHarmony.  I feel if you are a quality catch, have a great professional photo in your hot red dress,  and you get some help writing your profile, you will have a ton of potential dates.  The problem will be who to pick, but then that is a good problem to have. Just be sure to pick people for all the right reasons.

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3. Think of Valentine’s day as a fun excuse, whether you are a guy or a girl, to just ask anyone out you have been dying to ask out but didn’t have the nerve. It’s a great time to ask the person you have been crushing on for a long time,  or that single coworker on another floor.

4. Pass out those drug store valentines cards that you used to give and receive when you were a little kid in 1st grade.  Hershey kisses work well with the cards, or by themselves. Pass them out to every single person you can find. It is bound to be received with a smile, and  you should line up at least a few dates if you go about it in a fun way. Pass them out to singles in your apartment building, job, or even starbucks. Try your local bookstore. Just get creative and find some cute single, and go for it. It’s corny, but it’s one of the few times you can get away with it.

5. Every neighborhood has a social calendar of events with Charitable functions, or just fun things to do.  Be sure to check out the calendar in advance of Valentine’s day and go out and meet someone at one of these events.  There are a lot of single events also around this time. Be sure to attend  and meet someone. Be bold and put yourself out there and show your interest.

So what happens if you don’t land that Valentine’s Date. Don’t sweat it too much. Rally up your single girlfriends and head out to your favorite spot. There’s bound to be groups of single men hanging out, just like you and your girlfriends.

Susan Trombetti is an  expert matchmaker and member of the Professional Matchmakers Association. She has helped many discerning singles discover long-term relationships and partnerships that are both rewarding and fulfilling through her business, Exclusive Matchmaking. She’s also been featured in several top dating/relationship magazines and websites including Cosmopolitan and iVillage.