Cupid's Pulse Article: Mila Kunis Says: ‘I Love Being Single’Cupid's Pulse Article: Mila Kunis Says: ‘I Love Being Single’

By Meghan Fitzgerald

Here here ladies and gentlemen! Wide-eyed beauty, Mila Kunis loves being single! reports that she was single for four years, and those years in which she was single were some of the best times in her life. E! Online states that Kunis has found her match, Ashton Kutcher. The couple have known each other since Kunis was 14. Having starred together in That’s 70 Show, both Kutcher and Kunis know one another well. They have kept their romance low key, but Kunis spills some details in the new edition of Allure.

What are some perks to being single?

Cupid’s Advice:

Mila Kunis knows … being single is awesome! There are perks to being in a relationship also however, there are way more perks to being single. From the grotesque, not having to shower, not having to wash your sheets. You can explore all the”what ifs” you weren’t able to touch on when you were on a relationship. You never have to share blankets, the remote control is all yours, and guiltless flirting! The perks seem endless, Cupid has some more:

1. Wild nights: Not having to tell your partner where you are going at two in the morning is a glorious thing. When you are single, no one is going to care if you run up and down the subway with no shirt on screaming The Lion King. Rather, all your single friends will encourage such behavior for an evening you will never forget. It is great being able to go out and not worry about saying or doing something wrong. You are your own person, and can do whatever you’d please.

2. Guiltless flirting: Flirting with that cute guy at Starbucks. Flirting with the hottie running way past you on the treadmill. Flirting with the poet at the poetry slam on Thursday nights. There are honestly so many worthy guys to flirt with, you might go crazy. The perks of being single, is you can go crazy! Flirt with as many and as different guys as you can. Not only will your confidence increase, but so will your stories.

3. Privacy: You can pee with the door closed! Being in a relationship is all about knowing your mate inside and out. Although this may be great at times, it is nice to be by yourself for once. Not have to hear snoring on the back of your neck. Having a room all to yourself. Being able to be you in private!

What do you consider perks of being single? Explain below!