Cupid's Pulse Article: VDay Heartbreak: ‘The Bachelor’ Sean Lowe Opens Up About His Feelings for TierraCupid's Pulse Article: VDay Heartbreak: ‘The Bachelor’ Sean Lowe Opens Up About His Feelings for Tierra

By Meghan Fitzgerald

Sean Lowe, otherwise known now as The Bachelor, has gone through as much tears and drama this season as any man should … especially with Tierra. According to People, Lowe blogged about his relationships with the girls. He had three one-on-one dates with AshLee, Tierra, and Lesley. The Examiner reports that Lowe’s date with Tierra made him realize that she may not be the girl for him. He described how she comes with drama, a lot of drama. At the end of the day, Tierra told Lowe that she was falling in love with him. Lowe hoped that they could be drama-free.

What do you do if your friends don’t like your new partner?

Cupid’s Advice:

Having your friends disapprove of your partner absolutely sucks. As much as you can say what you and your mate have is great and it is “only you two,” it’s not.  Your close friends are your second family, and not having them there for your relationship does not help. This will inevitably happen once in your life, and Cupid has some advice:

1. Listen: Although you may not believe anyone could dislike your partner, it is a possibility. When your friends confront you and tell you they do not like your new mate, do not freak out! Even though this may be your first impulse and reaction, take a deep breath. This will not be solved whatsoever if you blow your top and yell at your best friend. The easiest thing to do in this scenario, is to listen. Listen to what your friend, or friends, have to say. Take their comments and concerns in, and go from there.

2. Know your feelings: Depending on the person you are, it may be very important that your friends like your partner. Be aware of your feelings with your new beau. Is it worth it to possibly lose your closest friends for this boy? Make sure you are certain of how you feel about the new fella. You don’t want to vow “he is the best” and than go back to your friends crying when he hurts you, but have no friends left.

3. Stay strong: This time will be challenging for you. You are delving into a new relationship in which your best friends don’t agree with. No matter why they dislike him, it will hurt. You will immediately think that your friends don’t wish for you to be happy. That they don’t want you to be in a relationship, and find the love of your life. Push these thoughts aside as you deal with your friends and your new partner. Keep your chin high and stay strong.

Have your friends ever disliked your partner? Explain below.