Cupid's Pulse Article: Pink Says the Key to Marriage Is Only Half ListeningCupid's Pulse Article: Pink Says the Key to Marriage Is Only Half Listening

By Jessica Conigliaro

Pop singer Pink often uses her marriage as inspirations for her songs. Personal lyrics such as those must have an effect on the man she is singing about. When asked how he felt, Pink’s husband told her, “Look, I know you, we have a good sense of humor, and I know what I signed up for. I only listen to half of what you say anyway!” People reports that Pink’s response was, “When he starts listening to me too much, we have problems!”

How do you know when to make an issue of something that upsets you in a relationship?

Cupid’s Advice:

Every committed relationship comes with arguments. In fact it’s seemingly healthy to fight with one another. It allows the other person to know what upsets you; instead of keeping your emotions bottled up. You gain the opportunity to express how you feel–and could prevent it from happening again. On the other hand, too many fights between one another will leave you frustrated. Here are some tips on how to pick your battles accordingly:

1. You’ve gotten mad about this before: People often hide their anger from their partner; eventually, it will become too much to bear. If your boyfriend is repeatedly late for plans, your anger level will rise every time you hold your tongue. Let him know if something is bothering you and get everything out in the open–this will prevent a much larger dispute later on.

2. Don’t pick stupid fights: Little things our partners do–such as wearing mismatched sock or leaving the toothpaste out–can irritate us to no end. Although you may not be thrilled about these situations, ask yourself if it is worth getting into an argument over. Learn to accept the minor nuisances; there are more important things to be focusing on in your relationship.

3Know why you are mad: If you find yourself upset about something your boyfriend said, consider his point of view. If he suggested getting salad for dinner and you assumed he wants you to lose weight, reconsider the situation. It is possible–and more logical–that he was simply in the mood to eat that. We often work things up in our heads to be worse than they actually are; avoid this by taking time to contemplate why you are mad and if you are overreacting.

How have you decided what to make an issue out of? Share your thoughts below.