Cupid's Pulse Article: John Mayer Thinks His Relationship with Katy Perry Is ‘Very Human’Cupid's Pulse Article: John Mayer Thinks His Relationship with Katy Perry Is ‘Very Human’

By Jessica Conigliaro

John Mayer is well known for getting involved in high profile relationships–so often that we are left wondering how meaningful these celebrity women are to him. Mayer recently started dating pop singer Katy Perry; his feelings seem to be more believable this time around, according to People. Mayer said, “I don’t feel like I’m in a celebrity relationship…for me it feels like something that’s very human.” When a relationship feels right, the topic of tying the knot tends to come up; when asked if he would ever get married, Mayer responded, “Of course!”

How do you know if your relationship is “real”?

Cupid’s Advice:

As any new relationship develops, you begin to realize your true feelings towards one another. Being fully committed to someone definitely comes with challenges–but is even more rewarding when you find the right person–Cupid offers some advice on how to know if you are in a genuine relationship that offers future potential:

1. You feel comfortable with them: You’re out to dinner with your boyfriend when all of a sudden you realize there’s food all over your face–and we’ve all been there. Early in the relationship, an incident like this may leave you embarrassed; after a while however, little things like that shouldn’t bother you anymore. Being comfortable around your partner is the beginning foundations of a healthy and serious connection. See if they accept you for who you are–annoying quirks included–The right person will love everything about you and will encourage you to be comfortable around them at all times.

2. He’s your best friend: You should be able to talk to your boyfriend about anything and be excited to do so. For instance, you get a promotion at work and run home to tell your boyfriend. Take that as a good sign: you’re in a strong relationship that is important to both of you. Your partner should want to know how your day was and seems to care if it was good or not. He should be concerned when you are upset and will do anything to uplift your mood.

3. Their family becomes yours: After talking about you for weeks, your boyfriend’s family is dying to meet you. It’s normal to feel a little nervous at first, fearing they will disapprove. Soon enough, you will be spending so much time together that their home feels like yours. Your partner will start inviting you to spend the holidays with them; this is one way to know he is serious about you. Get to know his family–they might become yours one day.

How did you know your relationship was “real”? Share your experiences below.