Cupid's Pulse Article: Q&A: How Can We Celebrate Valentine’s Day In a Special Way If My Boyfriend and I Are Apart?Cupid's Pulse Article: Q&A: How Can We Celebrate Valentine’s Day In a Special Way If My Boyfriend and I Are Apart?

Question from Candace M.: My boyfriend and I are both traveling for work on Valentine’s Day, but we don’t want to miss out on celebrating the romantic holiday. How can we share our love for each other in a unique and special way even though we’re miles apart? 

Answer from Our Love Experts:

Tristan Coopersmith, Love Stylist: Valentine’s Day is all about expressions of love that go outside of your normal handholding, “love ya’s”, dinner and a movie, etc. Valentine’s Day is about passion! It is about over the top “I love you’s!” It is about celebrating your unique love in a memorable way.

So when your love is distanced by miles and maybe even a time zone, your best bet is to use technology to your advantage. Instead of sending a dozen roses, send a dozen love texts. Instead of a reservation-only prix-fixe dinner date, opt for a candlelit Skype dinner for two, complete with an Evite. Instead of a decadent dessert with one spoon, try sending a box of homemade goodies. And as for the naughty lingerie show, you can keep that one…. thank you, FaceTime!

Happy Valentine’s Day, lovers!          

Suzanne Oshima, Matchmaker: Trust me, with this unique idea, your boyfriend will have the best Valentine’s Day ever! Starting two days before Valentine’s Day, surprise him with a few teaser messages. Send him steamy text messages and take photos of you in sexy lingerie, giving him subtle hints about what you have in store for him on Valentine’s Day.

Then, on the big day…

His first gift: Surprise him and have the hotel staff deliver him breakfast in bed with all his favorite foods.

His second gift: Send him some more sexy photos and messages in the morning and afternoon.

His third gift: This gift must be sent to the hotel in advance, just make sure they don’t deliver it to him until that night. Give him a super sexy video of you, your hottest panties sprayed with your favorite perfume and a few aphrodisiac foods (like almonds, bananas and chocolate).

After he opens his third gift, end the night with a live Skype session with you.

Your boyfriend will be so excited to see you when you’re both home again…so be sure to answer the door in a racy outfit. Your man will think you’re the hottest woman ever!

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