Cupid's Pulse Article: Supernatural Love Story, ‘Beautiful Creatures’ Hits Theaters!Cupid's Pulse Article: Supernatural Love Story, ‘Beautiful Creatures’ Hits Theaters!

By Meghan Fitzgerald

Richard LaGravenese, Oscar nominee, directs the new supernatural love story, Beautiful Creatures. The movie is based off the first novel from the series by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl. Ethan Wate (Alden Ehrenreich) is a 17-year old boy in a small Southern town of Gatlin, South Carolina. He constantly has the same dream surrounding a mysterious girl standing in the middle of a Civil War Battlefield. He wants to meet her, however, a lightning bolt erupts and kills Ethan before he can get to her. Ethan is trapped at home with his father, his father still in despair from the death of Ethan’s mother. His town is not up to date with the 21st century. Ethan’s way to escape is through books. One day, his life is shaken up when Lena Duchannes, (Alice Englert) comes into town. He is immediately drawn to the mysterious character. It is apparent that being around her is dangerous however, he ignores the thought. Ethan begins to get in over his head.

Should you see it: Would we mention a movie you shouldn’t see? Of course not! Over here at Cupid’s Pulse, we know that the cast, plot, and producer shows how great of a movie this will be! Do you love Edward Cullen and Ron Weasley? Do you enjoy a romance story that will keep you on your seat? If you loved The Twilight Series, or any of the Harry Potter’s you will love this new star-dropping movie!

Who to take: Hello girls night! This is the perfect movie to spend your Friday girls night on. Enjoy this new twist of a love story with the people you love most in life. Hitting theaters on Valentines Day, this is also the perfect date movie. Suspenseful enough where you can grab your mate’s hand for support, and also romantic enough where you want to share the feeling with your beau. This movie is also for all ages; having something in it for anyone! Definitely a movie to see ladies and gentlemen!

Ethan realizes that Lena has super powers which puts himself in danger with his life and the town. Ethan discovers that Lena is a Casper, with supernatural powers she is not capable of controlling. Their romance is threatened by Lena’s dark past and her upcoming sixteenth birthday. A life changing event called The Claiming, deciding her fate: Light or Dark. The trailer shows the deep southern love between characters, Lena and Ethan. Florence and the Machine directs the flow of events throughout the trailer. It is obvious of the strong magical power throughout the movie. There is a difference between the Light and the Dark which is prominent in the trailer. The love amongst Ethan and Lena is portrayed in the trailer, even with outside forces attempting to pry them apart.

When should you undergo a change for love?

Cupid’s Advice:

Experiencing love in life is a revolutionary event. Your life twists and turns by love, making you a better person in the end. In each relationship your encounter, you will change a little bit each time. Whether it be substantial or not, you will change. When you change, and why you change is the challenging part of love. You do not want to change everything about yourself, however, there will be minute things which you might change. Changing yourself for love is hard, determining how much to change is harder. Cupid has some advice:

1. “The one”: In your life, you shall find “the one.” Finding “the one” in life is not easy, you have to rummage your way through the bad ones to find your love. When you do find the one person who you can not live without, you may have to change some things. Not saying that you need to change your entire self however, if they are worth it; it is acceptable to change a little.

2. Compromise: Relationships require full attention and communication with two people. It is inevitable that you and your partner will not agree on everything. To make the love stronger, it is sometimes necessary to change using compromise. If you don’t like monster truck rallies and your beau does? Make a slight compromise and attend a couple events. Do you think your partner really loves your parents? Or the other way around? When you love someone, it is okay to compromise.

3. Change is beneficial: Change makes you smarter, it makes you more flexible, it makes you realize that anything is possible. Change is not only beneficial to you however, it is beneficial to your mate. Change helps you go with the flow, helps you float along with your relationship and make the love come easier.

Have you ever changed from love? Explain below!