Cupid's Pulse Article: Top 5 Don’ts of a First Valentine’s DateCupid's Pulse Article: Top 5 Don’ts of a First Valentine’s Date

By Susan Trombetti

As Valentine’s Day approaches, the nerves are building up for many young couples. Maybe you’ve been dating for months, maybe you’ve been on a few dates or maybe you’re friends, but want to take that next step in your relationship. Whatever situation you’re in, don’t let the expectations surrounding this day get to you. If you’re spending the first Valentine’s Day with your new honey, follow these tips:

1. Don’t make your first date on Valentine’s day: I don’t like this idea. Valentine’s Day isn’t a day to get to know someone. This date also leads to easy let downs. There will be too high of expectations for one person or both, which can be awkward if it’s the first time you go out on a date.

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2. Don’t leave your wallet or purse behind: You want to be romantic and chivalrous on the most romantic day of the year, so at least offer to pay even if he/she doesn’t let you.

3. Don’t be on your cell phone or other device: This is pretty much a no-no on any date, but especially don’t screw it up on this night by being preoccupied by your phone. You need to let you’re date know that they’re the most important thing at that moment in time, which means not responding to texts, emails or calls you may get.

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4. Don’t talk about your ex: Leave this conversation at the door unless you want your new partner to run. If you’re on a date and all you can talk about is your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend, than your date is obviously going to think you’re not over that person, which is probably true if you’re too focused on them anyway. That person is your ex for a reason, realize that and try not blow this date because of the person in your past.

5. Don’t drink too much: We all know that too much alcohol can lead to embarrassing and regretful behaviors, so forget that third glass of wine and keep it classy on this night. This is especially true for those spending their first Valentine’s Day together, because new partners can be less forgiving of some of your actions caused by drinking.

Valentine’s Day shouldn’t be a make or break in your relationship. Yes, as a couple you should celebrate it, but don’t let it stress you out too much. Take it for what it is. Do something to show your partner that you love them and keep it light hearted and fun at the same time.

Susan Trombetti is an  expert matchmaker and member of the Professional Matchmakers Association. She has helped many discerning singles discover long-term relationships and partnerships that are both rewarding and fulfilling through her business, Exclusive Matchmaking. She’s also been featured in several top dating/relationship magazines and websites including Cosmopolitan and iVillage.