Cupid's Pulse Article: Kim Kardashian & Reggie Bush ReuniteCupid's Pulse Article: Kim Kardashian & Reggie Bush Reunite

Last week’s OK! Magazine cover story reported that Kim Kardashian of E!’s Meet the Kardashians, is back together with former lover, Reggie Bush, NFL star for the New Orleans Saints.  According to the article, Kim’s mother Kris Jenner’s intervention and conversation with Bush was powerful enough to convince him that the duo wasn’t done just yet.

What are some of the signs that your breakup is temporary?

Cupid’s Advice:

Kardashian and Bush have been on-and-off again for reasons only the two of them know about.  However, they seem to make a great match every time they get back together.  If you and your mate are in a similar situation, you may wish to look at the following reasons your relationship is on a roller coaster ride:

1. Bickering about every detail: Many couples find themselves acting overly critical of their mate’s annoying habits, such as eating in bed, or leaving the empty milk carton in the refrigerator.  This is usually a sign that you need to learn how to communicate more effectively.

2. Too much time together or apart: If you find that you’re take separate paths, or conversely, stepping on each others’ toes, the lack of a strong connection can lead to anger or frustration.  Talk about your feelings to help understand why either being in close contact, or always being away from each other is so bothersome.

3. You can’t stand to be apart: Many relationships seem perfect on the outside, yet on the inside they are incomplete.  When you break up with someone, it could actually be a cry for help.  Before you end your pairing, try talking about the issues and think back to the reasons you fell in love in the first place.